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  1. Lisamarieslistings

    Hi I’m Lisa Marie

    What can anyone tell me about these vintage oakleys?I got them at an estate sale. There in great shape, green in color
  2. T

    Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE)

    This thread serves as the consolidated area to inquire whether your Oakley's are fake, potential fakes or real. Post your pictures and include any relevant details. For tips and guides on how to spot fakes based on model, check the link below...
  3. U

    Sold  Trenchcoats

    I have these trenchcoats for sale. Include shipping continental US PM me if interested. FMJ. 9/10 $240 Jungle camo 9/10 $240 Snow camo broken temple good stems and rubber. $60 Blood stems new $ 70 Will add pictures when I get home from work.
  4. R

    model of sunglasses

    I bought these sunglasses in about 2004 and one of the hinges broke, does anyone know what model thay are and where I can buy replacement parts online?
  5. Bluefish787

    Oakley Dalmation Frogskins Value

    Hi all, New to the board, but long time fan. I've got a pair of Dalmatian that I'm thinking of selling, and I know there is no set price. Mine are in top condition no wear. Original box, bag and paperwork. On the inside the number is : 03-151 55 O 17 I know there were 3000 made. Just trying...
  6. U

    For Sale  Trenchcoat camo/gold w/box

    Rare opportunity to get a camo trenchcoat with original box! Frame is in amazing shape 9/10. Rubber are still very good 8/10. lenses show sign of age and heat damage 5/10 ( still wearable). 230$ ( traded )all inclusive of worldwide shipping. Thanks for checking and pm with any questions, thanks!
  7. P

    Real or Fake First Generation Frogskins?

    I recently picked up these Oakley Frogskins from a second hand store. I've heard about the first generation Frogskins that were made in Japan and I'm hoping they're authentic. What do you think?
  8. U

    Buying  Eye Jacket 1.0 Earsock

    Looking to buy or trade for one Eye Jacket 1.0 earsock, just need one. Let me know if you have one to spare thanks.
  9. U

    Buying  Oakley big brimmed hat

    I'm hunting an Oakley late 80s or early 90s white Oakley hat with a very large white brim. Solid white, says Oakley or Oakley thermo nuclear on the front, Velcro adjust on the back with Oakley written on the Velcro. A low profile hat. Anyone know what I am talking about?
  10. S

    Need Help Identifying What Model Oakley Sunglasses Thread

    This thread will serve as the consolidated thread for identifying what Oakley Sunglasses you may have. I've had a few pairs of oakleys in the past. X_metals which I loved but sold as they looked great in the box but terrible on my face, some frameless ones (why 2.0s I think??) and my all time...
  11. BenOBrien

    1st Gen M-Frame - Cracks In Frame

    I was wondering what Cracks in the frame, or cracks where the arm connects to the frame, would do to the value of a otherwise mint pair of 1st Gen M-Frames, From what I've seen in past auctions, and from others experience owning these glasses, it is common for them to have cracks in the middle...
  12. charlie4

    Vintage RazorBlade Colors?

    Need some help on this please. As collectors, which frame colors are the least desirable for vintage razor blades. I currently have crystal black but I am looking to get another pair to try and start building my collection. I figured I'd start by collecting the ones that people want the least...
  13. adrien

    What models are they ???

    hello, i got a great friend who has been the official retailer, in a french ski resort, called Avoriaz, and he has found some limited editions and rarities he'd like to sell ; i took all his stuff to check what i wanted first for my collection, but i've found 2 sunglasses i didn't ever know.. so...
  14. U

    For Sale  Old School Sunglasses for Sale

    here i have a couple of oakley sunglasses for sale. they old school models, maybe some of you are looking for adding it to your collection. 1. Oakley valve Platinum with Gold Iridium lenses condition frame 8/10 lenses 9/10 it comes with box, papers and microbag asking price us$120 OBO pics...
  15. tigbball5

    Replacing Lens in Vintage Frogskins?

    So I just got a pair of vintage frogskins and the frame is in amazing condition. However, I'm trying to replace the lenses in them and having a lot of trouble. I have heated up the frame, no luck (and the heat destroyed one lens). Tried it without heat, no luck. Someone must have done this...
  16. Frogskins

    Retro ...

    Like new - came with original bag and original box ...