1. Spc369

    Consolidated Oakley Watches Real or Fake Thread (Is this Oakley Watch Fake?)

    Just confirming this is fakeroo...
  2. U

    Buying  Watch with steel band

    I want my my first oakley item to be a watch as i haven't seen one u can go wrong with. I am particularly looking for a watch with a steel band so if your looking to free up space or have any input reply, Thanks.
  3. U

    Sold  Stealth Time Bomb with Original Box and Vault

    Well, it's finally come time to sell my Stealth Time Bomb. It has just been sitting in the vault/box for years now. Honestly once I switched to an Apple watch, I just don't find myself wearing anything else. Watch is in excellent condition!! Tried to capture as such in the pictures. If you...
  4. R

    Oakley crush scatterskull

    What is a fair price too buy a crush scatterskull watch? Ive seen this watch go for 200-600$ ive been offered a deal for mint condition and all accessories (box,manual,case) for 600$ is that worth the money or should i try too find another seller? Picture provided
  5. R

    Oakley Crush Scatterskull

    I've been looking everywhere for a Oakley crush scatter skull watch with a white skull instead of a red one I've looked on Facebook, eBay, Grailed and all other marketplaces I know. Does anyone know where to find/look for this specific watch or does someone here own one that is maybe willing to...
  6. G

    Oakley Judge

    Hi there! I just bought this watches, but I also find out that recently there were many replicas on this model. Could you please help me identify them? Because right now I’m pretty sure that they are fake. Thanks in advance!
  7. I

    Oakley bulldog watch.

    Got this recently and it just came in the mail today. Amazing watch! Love it.
  8. longdo18

    Oakley Blade watch legit check

    Can some body legit check this Blade watch please? I'm newbie so please forgive me it's too obvious.
  9. I

    Is this oakley judge real?

    Hello, I saw this listing on ebay and I need help to decide if this is real. I am new to oakley stuff and want to get into the watches but I don't know how to tell if they are real or not
  10. U

    Sold  GMT Watches

    Up for sale are some GMT watches. All watches are in great shape and price includes shipping in the continental US. The polished and the Ion plated show a little more signs of wear but still in great shape. Hone with blue: $375 SOLD Honed with white: $375 SOLD Polished with black: $325 SOLD...
  11. U

    Sold  Oakley Watch Torpedo Blue Dial (watch, manual, box, case) (works perfectly)

    Good day! I am selling my Oakley Torpedo Blue Dial. Everything original is included in the package, as shown in the pictures attached. There are a minor signs of wear (as portrayed in the pictures), though the watch works flawlessly, needs no new batteries and the strap still smells like...
  12. U

    Sold  Detonator Stealth Black

    I'm selling Stealth Black detonator. With details on the bracelet. Bracelet has 5 broken holes as shown in the second photo General conditions of the item: 9.3/10. It only has signs of use. Clock working perfectly Clock has never been opened Glass never replaced I want $150 plus shipping. I...
  13. C

    I need help before I buy

    I am about to buy this watch. Is it real??
  14. U

    Sold  Cuba Holeshot

    Selling my Cuba Holsehot was swapped to bracelet. Bracelet has some scratches on the clasp but but like new elsewhere. Casing has some scratches from wear. asking 400 f&f shipped continental US Shipping elsewhere or extra insurance on your dime.
  15. larrygooseman

    My first Oakley watch... and down the rabbit hole I go!

    5 days ago I saw a copper dial Judge 1 on Mercari that I favorited but sadly it sold shortly after. At that moment, the obsession sparked and all I could think about was that weird alien-like steel bracelet! I joined this forum and was lucky enough to snag not 1... not 2... but 3 Judge 1's in...
  16. U

    Buying  WTB - Judge (Stainless preferred)

    Looking for Judge 1's (not a big fan of the 2's). I'm not a reseller and want to wear this piece daily :) Hoping to have all links included (or enough to fit a 7.5" wrist). Located in Brooklyn. Thanks!
  17. Dibstar

    New display stand and a small haul

    A while back I posted on here asking for suggestions for displaying my growing watch collection - there were many very helpful answers and this is how I connected with @zcrxsi who then went above and beyond 3D printing my dream display for my hauls. The pictures really don’t do it justice - it...
  18. U

    Buying  Hollowpoint watches

    Looking for any and all hollowpoints - mint condition, beaters and everything in between!! All colours wanted so hit me up if you want to part with any! I have a few purchases through here so far with feedback but also a bunch more on my eBay if you need more proof I’m a legit buyer (dibst*r on...
  19. U

    Sold  Watch jury Polished / Sunburst White

    I keep it for long time but battery is still working. bracelet has slight fading . the box is Asking for 325USD. the price don't include shipping from Japan. will check depend on your location. the box was for saddleback model but no problem. payment through paypal F&F. SOLD
  20. U

    Buying  Hollowpoint working condition

    Looking for a Hollowpoint in working condition, no need for box or paper work, spare parts etc. UNLESS you have it then, we can also deal! Show me what you got guys, gonna be shiping for me in the US, paypal as usual. My best regards oakley fellas
  21. COHL7500

    Favorite Oakley Watch and Why?

    As the title suggests, I was curious whichever Oakley watch is your favorite and why? If it was the reason you started getting into them, then what was the story? (It’s allowed to pick 2 or even make a ranked list)
  22. T

    Looking to buy Oakley Time Bomb Icon

    I’m looking to buy my first Oakley watch and I’ve got my heart set on a polished Oakley Time Bomb Icon (with a white face). Unfortunately I’m not having much luck finding a Timebomb anywhere, let alone an icon or in the style I’m after… Can anyone help? I’ve also been trying to find out what...
  23. Hxxro

    Need your opinion on this Blade watch

    what’s up aficionados, Considering buying this blade Watch. Glass is mint but def some scratches on around, any tips on how or who to polish these? Thanks!
  24. uhollc

    A Timebomb link and buckle's Confusion

    Hello all. I have a question. For example, in the pictures above. Why are there two versions of the watch link and buckle in TimeBomb1? Are they any different?
  25. U

    For Sale  Timebomb 2 extra “link” + screws

    Timebomb 2 extra “links” if you can call them that… link plates maybe? they came off the 12 o’clock strap side. One plate looks like it has a little desk dive Idk what the 2 extra long screws are for but they must go to a Timebomb 2 somewhere and they will be included 133.00 shipped, 33%...
  26. uhollc

    Does anyone know anything about pink Blade1.0?

    The Blade 1.0 Polished / Pink/Mother Of Pearl Does anyone have it? I want to know what it looks like. This is I've never seen before, So I'd appreciate it if someone could let me take a look at it. Thx for all. P&L
  27. Lcmazj

    Forum newcomer

  28. U

    Buying  Oakley Icon watch

    Looking to buy an Oakley Icon (small Time Bomb), preferably with a titanium or mother of pearl face.
  29. U

    Sold  Oakley Hollow Point watch Blk/silver plate $1400 obo

    Deciding to let one of my hollow point watches go for some extra xmas money, It will come with original box, everything works great including the chronographs, ive never worn it as it has always been in my display since i bought it, I had a new battery professionally installed a little over a...
  30. F

    Oakley GMT epson movement

    ive been digging in trying to fix my old watch.movement is done but i found some alternative movement but im not sure if it can work.any watch mechanics out here would be interesting to hear