1. P

    For Sale Minute Machine up for sale sale

    Minute Machine/Tank for sale. The watch is in very good condition, very few scratches as the watch has only been used a few times. The watch has just been serviced, new battery changed, and has been pressure tested. All links are included. The buyer pays shipping costs as the watch is...
  2. Tejada

    Sold Oakley Display Watch Glorifier 32 Hooks

    Oakley Display Watch Glorifier 32 Hooks The stand is new with defects, it was restored and the leather replaced by acrylic, the leather of this and other 2 stands is torn. DIMENSIONS: 21.5 inches wide x 16 inches deep Weight: approximately 20 pounds. The screen adapts to 30 or more clocks...
  3. Jmgarcia

    Sold Moving sale #2

    Pricing include shipping within the US. 1. watch soft vault in new condition $25 SOLD!!!! 2. Root beer x metal rubber kit $30 SOLD!!!!!!! 3. X metal juliet, in used condition, nose bridge is semi tight, LG rubbers, lenses are unknown but look pretty clean. $220 SOLD!!!!! 4. X metal (refinished)...
  4. hockeyguy

    Watch Repair

    So does anyone on here by chance repair watches? If so shoot me a message, I have some work for you.
  5. Gyugyu

    Found WTB Oakley watch: Red-faced Minute Machine or Timebomb 2. - open for offers

    Hello Oakley Forum! I'd like to buy one of the following watches: - Red-faced Minute Machine - in good, working condition, with titanium band, preferably with all the links and the box - Timebomb 2. - in excellent, working/maintained condition - preferably with uncut band I'm open...
  6. hockeyguy

    For Sale Display items

    Random stuff I have way too many of shipping not included in prices. Titleist NXT Tour- $25 Holiday Koozie-$30 Ball Marker-$20 Two tier stand-$40 Single tier stands-$25 Watch stand-$35 Everything together for $200.
  7. hockeyguy

    Sold Catalogs

    Technology book, shows off Oakley tech Watch catalog is pretty self explanatory. Tech book-$30 plus shipping Watch Catalog-$40 plus shipping.
  8. Beancooker

    Sold Minute Machine Red Dial, Titanium Bracelet, unworn condition

    03/03/2019 Long time no talk Friends. I have been absent as to work and crazy hours. I quit that job and relocated to the other side of the country where the sun shines! That said, I have a minute machine red dial in unworn condition. I still have the box, the packing materials, warranty card...
  9. Will619

    Honed judge leather strap $250 new never worn

    Honed Judge black &white face with a black leather band. New, never worn. Plastic still on watch. leather strap in excellent condition . Battery is going to need to be replaced since it was sitting in my closet . Instructions still sealed. Slight peeling in back of watch case from opening...
  10. Tejada

    Sold Custom cube to display watches.

    Custom cube to display watches. The cube is totally new with some details. the price is $ 280 includes 20 hooks. 10 small 10 large. The price of 12 hooks for watch is $ 65 Please, if you are interested or want additional photos send me a message and I will gladly answer as soon as possible...
  11. Millertime2598

    Sold Watch/Bracelet Adjustment Tool

    Recently picked this up and honestly have no need for it. Hoping someone out there can make use of it. Still in excellent condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $350 shipped in the US.
  12. TheDukeOfIce

    Found MM / Watch Vault

    Lookin to purchase a MM soft vault. If there is a hard vault, very interested in tha as well. Thank you
  13. mustangjt

    Sold Double Tap SS Band

    Double Tap with SS band. Two links short of a full band, but will still fit up to a 8-1/4” wrist. Minor scratches on band and case. No scratches on sapphire crystal. Battery replaced early January 2019. Comes with watch and soft vault only. $old Thanks for looking!
  14. Millertime2598

    Sold Red Faced Minute Machine

    Got a friend looking to sell her Red Faced Minute Machine. Watch is essentially new, she only wore it a handful of times. Only thing is the few marks on the back near the clasps. Comes with box, case, papers and all of the links. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for...
  15. Tejada

    Sold Torpedo Watch For Spare Parts.

    Torpedo Watch For Spare Parts. The watch's screws have wear indicating that it was opened in a bad way. Price $ 100 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
  16. M

    Hello Oakley Family

    Hello Oakley friends. Just joined forum today. Have been a fan of the Oakey watches. Have a few watches and always looking to expand my collection. I am also hoping someone can point me in the direction of acquiring a bezel for the Kill switch watch. Unfortunately my bezel popped off and I...
  17. pabbloz

    For Sale 12 Gauge Stealth Full Set EU

    Hi everybody, I am not following the suggestions that I received on this forum and I am selling my 12 Gauge Stealth because I can't stand to see it everyday in its box. Full set with all original box and papers. I am not wearing it because I feel it's too chunky for my 16 cm wrist and in...
  18. hockeyguy

    For Sale Gearbox PVD Gold

    Just as the title says, one of my many watches, wasn’t a consistent wear. Needs a new battery. Asking $350 plus ship. Includes case and box.
  19. elsouler

    Sold 12 Gauge titanium carbon fiber

    For sale: Oakley 12 Gauge titanium carbon fiber face whit yellow accents in good used condition. No scratches on the sapphire crystal, normal wear on the band and case, but nothing to worry about, clasp working as it should, comes whit: - white outet cardboard box - protective cardboard box...
  20. THISGUY25

    GMT watches

    Does anyone know if the Polished Black GMT and the Stealth Black GMT have the same finish? Are they both ION plated? Were there variations in the coloring? I just picked up a GMT stealth and the coloring looks a little lighter than my Polish Black. Kind of like a faded black which is cool. Just...
  21. Millertime2598

    For Sale Watch 4X6 POP Display Cards

    Looking to sell these Watch 4X6 Pop Display Cards. $7 shipped each.
  22. SolarOracle

    Buying MM Watch

    Looking for a Minute Machine in Mint or excellent condition and complete! Titanium band is a must and I would prefer All Black Face or Silver but any color will do. Thanks
  23. Tejada

    Sold TB2 10th Anniversary Edition

    TB2 10th Anniversary Edition the bracelet is scratched, 6 links were removed, the crystal is in perfect condition, the function is perfect. Price Sold Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  24. BoostBear

    For Sale Detonator Watch 10-148

    Detonator Watch purchased for my father who wore it for a short period of time - was never really his style. It has sat dormant in his watch case for nearly a decade as such the battery (SR927W/ 399) has died and will need to be replaced. It still has the protective film intact on the backside...
  25. Tejada

    Sold Lot 10 straps for D5 watch. Lot price $ 70 (NEW)

    Lot 10 straps for D5 watch (New) Lot price $ 70 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
  26. toosteeley

    Sold Orange Hollow Point

    For sale is a mint condition, hard to find, Orange Hollow Point. Absolutely flawless! Comes with one extra link and soft case. It pains me to let it go but it just doesn’t get the wrist time these days. $OLD shipped within North America.
  27. N

    Sold Selling Hollow Point Watch (Like new condition, first owner, extra links, and display box included)

    I bought the watch 2 summers ago at an Oakley Vault and only wore it every now and then. There are 2 extremely small dings on the watch face and slight scratch on the side of the face. Everything on the watch works perfectly, I'm only selling it because I don't wear it at all anymore and I feel...
  28. mustangjt

    Found Ti Minute Machine in San Diego

    This got posted last night. It was originally listed for $750. By this morning it was raised to $850. Description does say it needs a battery. https://offerup.co/I4RAn0ryEO
  29. bean323

    Sold Double Tap - Stainless - NIB 1100.00 - conus only

    Good day. Selling second to last item of my collection. Never used, displayed only Double tap Watch. placed on a stand within my little case and turned off to not run. Picked up NEW and never worn. Pictures below. Must have a decent trader rating. CONUS ONLY. any questions, write or...