1. T

    Looking to buy Oakley Time Bomb Icon

    I’m looking to buy my first Oakley watch and I’ve got my heart set on a polished Oakley Time Bomb Icon (with a white face). Unfortunately I’m not having much luck finding a Timebomb anywhere, let alone an icon or in the style I’m after… Can anyone help? I’ve also been trying to find out what...
  2. H

    Need your opinion on this Blade watch

    what’s up aficionados, Considering buying this blade Watch. Glass is mint but def some scratches on around, any tips on how or who to polish these? Thanks!
  3. uhollc

    A Timebomb link and buckle's Confusion

    Hello all. I have a question. For example, in the pictures above. Why are there two versions of the watch link and buckle in TimeBomb1? Are they any different?
  4. U

    For Sale Timebomb 2 extra “link” + screws

    Timebomb 2 extra “links” if you can call them that… link plates maybe? they came off the 12 o’clock strap side. One plate looks like it has a little desk dive Idk what the 2 extra long screws are for but they must go to a Timebomb 2 somewhere and they will be included 133.00 shipped, 33%...
  5. uhollc

    Does anyone know anything about pink Blade1.0?

    The Blade 1.0 Polished / Pink/Mother Of Pearl Does anyone have it? I want to know what it looks like. This is I've never seen before, So I'd appreciate it if someone could let me take a look at it. Thx for all. P&L
  6. Lcmazj

    Forum newcomer

  7. U

    Buying Oakley Icon watch

    Looking to buy an Oakley Icon (small Time Bomb), preferably with a titanium or mother of pearl face.
  8. U

    Sold Oakley Hollow Point watch Blk/silver plate $1400 obo

    Deciding to let one of my hollow point watches go for some extra xmas money, It will come with original box, everything works great including the chronographs, ive never worn it as it has always been in my display since i bought it, I had a new battery professionally installed a little over a...
  9. F

    Oakley GMT epson movement

    ive been digging in trying to fix my old watch.movement is done but i found some alternative movement but im not sure if it can work.any watch mechanics out here would be interesting to hear
  10. U

    For Sale Minute Machine Watch For Sale.

    Selling my Minute Machine watch. Original owner. Watch is in good condition with light scratching on the clasp. Watch comes with all links, washers, screws, original case and the original box and manual which are in great condition. Asking $1100/OBO. Feel free to ask any questions. Buyer...
  11. D

    Looking for a difficult to find watch strap

    Hey there, so my dad gave me his sapphire crystal 10 bar watch a while back and unfortunately the leather strap broke. I haven't been able to find a new one anywhere, does anyone have any idea where one might be??
  12. U

    Found Gold / Bronze Killswitch Bezel

    Looking for a gold / bronze Killswitch watch bezel. Thanks!
  13. U

    For Sale Bundle of Watch POP Cards

    Selling as a whole. Cards measure 3 in X 2 in. Please let me know if you have any questions. $35 shipped in the US.
  14. U

    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed OEM Style Watch Stands

    Up for sale are some OEM style 3D printed watch stands (printed to order). Each stand comes with two loops (original large/thin and a small/thick). The large/thin loop is the same dimensions and will fit the same watches as the OEM loops. I have over 40 colors to choose from $12 each...
  15. zcrxsi

    Free Giveaway: OEM Style 3D Printed Watch Stands

    Up for raffle are two 3d printed OEM Style watch stands. These were designed and printed by myself and I have a few left over so here we are again. They will be completely free to the winner. I will even pay for shipping within the CONUS. If you live outside the CONUS, I will cover up to $5 of...
  16. ediglenn7786

    Oakley Hollowpoint watch - dead battery

    I own an Oakley Hollowpoint watch and it’s one of my prized watches. However, the battery has died. I recall the last time it happened, Oakley (before the buyout) shared that in order to preserve the warranty, most notably the water resistance factor, I had to send my in to Oakley for battery...
  17. U

    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed Watch Stands

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed watch stands (printed to order). They are very strong/sturdy and you can get pretty crazy with the colors as shown in the examples below. I also offer a larger version to accommodate more links on a metal band while most unobtanium bands should work on...
  18. Amak.2DK

    Hollow Point

    Purchase a Hollow point about 3 years, but never received it from the forum member. Anyways yesterday one of the Local Oakley Member (Thailand) decided to sell me his Black Hollow point. Never seen one in person, but wow it's beautiful!
  19. U

    For Sale Yellow Minute Machine for sale and others (Cuba Holeshot, Bracelet Devils Brigade, Black 12 Gauge , Stealth Holeshot)

    After a long time watching these beauties collecting dust I have decided to let them go. I bought them all during my PhD in the US in 2012 (At UO, go ducks!) but haven't used them for more than a year or so. All prices have been revised and reduced. Yellow Minute Machine (Looks like new in the...
  20. U

    For Sale Oakley 12 Gauge titanium/carbon fiber yellow dial

    I am selling my brother's 12 Gauge, carbon fiber/titanium with yellow accents. This is the collectors look for, folks! It is in used as is condition but functions perfectly. Anyone who has already purchased from me knows I pack and ship carefully and securely and negotiate fairly. Price is $1000...
  21. U

    For Sale Oakley Watches For Sale

    Still have 5 watches I am looking to move. Lowered the prices a bit on each. Can send more photos of each - just ask. Gearbox Automatic - Brushed Titanium - $1100 Icon Polished Titanium - Gold (women's) - $200 Icon Titanium - Titanium (women's) - $250 Bullet Stainless Steel - Carbon Fiber -...
  22. U

    For Sale Oakley Watches For sale - UPDATED PRICES

    Hey Everyone - Finally hit that 14 day mark and have the following watches available for sale. I have added one photo of each, and below is the name of the watch, asking price and link to additional photos. All watches are plus PayPal fees and shipping. All watch prices are "or best offer." Can...
  23. R

    Which one watch would you bring back?

    Ok - another question for ya!
  24. U

    Buying instruments of time box

    Looking for an 'Instruments of Time' wooden box, complete with coin. Please message me if you have one for sale, or you see one. Thanks for the help!
  25. U

    For Sale D1 Black case / Silver bezel / white face

    Hello OF i decided to sell one of my D1 black case silver bezel white face. We had it in the store for people to try it on, it is in good condition, everything works perfectly, the battery ran out, it needs a new one, comes complete. SKU: 10-080 Rate 8/10 Silver bezel 07/10 Price: $120 for...
  26. OakleyRyan9250

    Changing band on a Double Tap Question

    Hey everyone! I have two double tap watches and one of them I want to change the wrist band and make a paracord watch band for one of them. Does anyone have any experience or tips on how to make this work?? If not it’s okay I just wanted to see if anyone has attempted this! thank you guys!
  27. U

    Sold Red Face Oakley Minute Machine

    Red face MM for sale. Excellent condition, all 13 links included. Looking for 900
  28. U

    Buying Buying Oakley Jury watch, New or Like new in box

    Hi All, Looking to buy an Oakley jury watch... Must be new or like new in box. Let me know if you are selling Thanks!
  29. U

    Sold Minute Machine up for sale sale

    Minute Machine/Tank for sale. The watch is in very good condition, very few scratches as the watch has only been used a few times. The watch has just been serviced, new battery changed, and has been pressure tested. All links are included. The buyer pays shipping costs as the watch is...
  30. U

    Sold Oakley Display Watch Glorifier 32 Hooks

    Oakley Display Watch Glorifier 32 Hooks The stand is new with defects, it was restored and the leather replaced by acrylic, the leather of this and other 2 stands is torn. DIMENSIONS: 21.5 inches wide x 16 inches deep Weight: approximately 20 pounds. The screen adapts to 30 or more clocks...