wire frame

  1. U

    Sold  BNIB X-Metal Wire Vault

    Small Metal Vault with Original Box Fits A Wire, A Wire 2.0, C Wire, E Wire 2.1, Half Wire, Halfpint, Haylon, Square Wire, Square Wire 2.0, T Wire, T Wire 2.0, Teaspoon or XS Fives Very nice Display Piece / All Original 6" x 2 1/8" x 1 11/16" $75 Shipped CONUS
  2. U

    Buying  Square wire 2.0 fire iridium orange

    really want another pair of these. pm me if u have a pair to sell.
  3. Kanasio

    Oakley Whisker Or Tightrope?

    I need you guys to help make a decision for me. I am looking for a wire frame, and I like the Whisker and the Oakley Tightrope because they fit my small noggin. The only thing that is keeping me from just buying the Whisker is that the polarized Tightrope has an ice iridium lens, and the...
  4. P

    Quality Replacement Lenses for Oakley A-wire?

    Hello everybody, Very short introduction. I'm Peter, 32 years and from the Netherlands. About 5 years ago I bought a nice Oakley A-wire 2.0 with Titanium frame and polarized lenses from ebay germany. I don't remember if the lenses are ice iridium polarized, vr28 blue iridium polarized or...