1. Fernando

    Sold WTS Xsquared Xmetal ruby iridium SKU#006011-03 #SOLD

    Hi all This time I put on sale a fantastic and complete xsquared in XMetaL / ruby iridium combo, are used but in good condition, the bridge of the nose has a little movement, lenses have signs of use on the inside as shown in the Photos,I have put me to see and do not mind the visión, canme...
  2. SouLFuLFroG


    All these I've picked up in the last 3 months. I got addicted to the 1st gens. Let me know what everyone thinks. Am I crazy. :-)
  3. junbonifacio

    Sold Juliet Xmetal J serial

    For sale Oakley Juliet Xmetal J serial $380 Western Union Payment Plus shipping fee via DHL Frame: 9/10 Lens: bnew oem ruby iridium (issue have small chipoff on left lens upon installing it but doesnt affect visibility, please see pic) Rubbers: 10/10 bnew oem rubbers Coupler: 10/10 newly...
  4. Man from Mars

    Mars donor lenses ??

    Hi. I am new to this forum and was hoping to get some info on donor lenses for my Mars frames . I am not a huge fan of the aftermarkets. If I was crazy enough to try and cut my own lenses what donor lenses would work? Thanks in advance
  5. junbonifacio

    Sold Juliet 24k Limited Edition

    For sale only Oakley juliet 24k limited edition MINT! 396/750 $1,100 firm price shipped via DHL Payment thru WESTERN UNION Frame 10/10 Lens 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Coupler 9/10 Comes with Unit, bnew replacement camo pouch,box,coin,vault,warranty papers
  6. MKO2012

    Custom X Squared Lenses

    Cut these a few months back and never posted about them. BIP Racing Jacket lens in an XS?...I think the results speak for themselves! Check it out!
  7. Catherine dillinger

    For Sale Oakley original xmetal display case with extras

    Bidding starting at $999 Oakley Original Xmetal Sunglasses Watches Display Case LED Lights Stereo Misc | eBay
  8. gnuwolf

    X-Squared X-Metal: Non-SKU

    Hello, I wanna know if Oakley released non SKU X-Squared X-Metal? Thank In advance.
  9. gnuwolf

    X-Metal Finish: Is there a way to repair scuff?

    Hello O-Gurus, Is there a way to fix/repair this kind of scuff? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  10. Fernando

    Sold Fernando Xmetal's Thread To Sales ( News: Juliet ti02/vr28 #SOLD )

    Welcome to my Xmetal's sales thread "your home", this will be the selling space of my oakley's, I will update the title with news. Shipping: Worldwide from Spain, all with tracking number and insurance, use CORREOS - Operador español servicio postal y paquetería for check, shipping is no...
  11. Fernando

    Sold Romeo 1 black iridium OEM Lenses only #SOLD

    For sale this used OEM black iridium lenses for Romeo 1 have some signs of use, very few as seen in photos, has the usual very little stress crack on both lens that don't affect your line of visión, are in very good condition. Left 8.9/10 Rigth 9/10 #SOLD 120 shipping with tracking number...
  12. Fernando

    Sold Romeo 1 XMetal/Black Iridium

    Hi O-family on sale one of my Romeo X-metal, frame is in perfect condition like new, has no brush marks, signs or oxidation, have serial, lenses have some signs of use, very few as seen in photos, has the usual very little stress crack on both lens that don't affect your line of visión, are in...
  13. N

    Identify these glasses???

    Hey everyone! I am new here and am trying to sell these glasses but have no idea what kind they are/how much i can get for them on ebay. The number inside the nose says 127125 and the lense says x metal in the bottom corner if that helps i also have a few pictures. The lenses would probably have...
  14. MKO2012

    X-Squared Custom Lenses!

    Love my XS, definitely my favorite pair of X-Metals I currently have. But what do you do when Oakley doesn't make lenses anymore?...Cut your own! So far so good on my custom cut lenses, especially proud of the vented lenses cut to fit.
  15. MKO2012

    Snagged these recently!

    One of the many perks of working in an O-Store is that random occasion when a customer walks in with X-Metals. Most people cherish their X-metals and are always happy to tell you about how much they love them. Sometimes however, people have no clue what they have, don't appreciate the glasses...
  16. iRubyRed

    For Sale X Squared Xmetal / Ruby

    Decided to sell my Oakley XSquared Xmetal / Ruby Iridium. 10/10 condition throughout. Frames 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Case & Pouch 10/10 Everything is original factory Oakley, Made in USA on ear stem rubber etc. The Ruby lenses are a very deep purple which I have tried to capture on...
  17. X-metaL_GhosT

    For Sale Romeo 2's and Ferrari Carbon Blade

    Good Mornin my fellow x-metal Enthusiasts! I'm setting up for a new adventure and want these lovely pieces to go to someone who will appreciate them. Keep in mind these were NOT just on a shelf to display. These were worn in the event that I didn't want to where my usual Juliets. All will...
  18. Fernando

    For Sale Set of juliets *** SOLD ***

    Hi family one set of Juliet here :) All tre frames back of Oakley service for tuneup all frames is in very nice condition nose bridge in 3 frames is 10/10 came only with mf-bag no box or coin, shipping is no included and if need paypal feeds add in the price, you asume. 1) Plasma frame blue...