1. Phil da Prototypist

    Xsquared Titanium Iridium

    Hey all im looking for a thread that is a /was a for sale post containing titanium iridium lenses from the 24k xsquared run. The lenses werent custom cuts but originals either left overs or direct pulls . Can anyone help me out while i continue my search as well.
  2. AbraxasFire

    Here kitty kitty (cat lounge)

    I can't be the only cat person here, right? 😅 Giving the XS a bit of cleaning and maintenance, Fiona had to come over.
  3. U

    For Sale  Juliet, Romeo, XS rubbers

    Line gear white R1 rubber set 25.00 shipped Line gear yellow Juliet rubber set 25.00 shipped OEM XS ear socks 9.5/10 have been installed show no signs of wear 30.00 shipped 15.00 off if you buy all 3
  4. U

    Buying  Looking To acquire my first x squared

    Looking to acquire my first x squared show me what u got! Preferably Gold is my favorite color
  5. U

    Sold  Xsquared Carbon

    Xsquared Carbon Frame in good condition, some slight scratches and paint loss in some areas. the rubber is in good condition, some signs of wear. Soft case, box, coin included. box with signs of wear. the lenses are in excellent condition, no scratches 9/10 If you have any questions or need...
  6. U

    Sold  X-Squared Polished / VR28 Black Iridium Polarized “ COMPLETE WITH OUT LENSES” #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this X-Squared Polished with VR28 Black Iridium Polarized complete with out the lenses, have the screws and the gasket in the orbitals, frame and rubbers in very good condition, with new tuneup the nose bridge is strong, come with box, papers, microbag and the X-Case in new...
  7. U

    Sold  X-squared Plasma

    X-squared Plasma Frame in excellent condition. No scratches or bumps. Very good rubber. Lenses are scratched and delaminated. 4/10 Includes coin box, coin and soft case. box in fair condition with some dents. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond...
  8. U

    Sold  X-squared Polished Carbon

    X-squared Polished Carbon Frame adjusted in very good condition. no bumps or scratches. It shows loss of paint in some areas. (shown in the photos) Painting 8.5 / 10 Rubber is in good condition, slight signs of wear on socks 8/10 The box does not match and is in fair condition. it has signs of...
  9. U

    Sold  X-squared Plasma

    X-squared Plasma Frame adjusted in very good condition. Some slight scratches (see photos) Rubber is in good condition, slight signs of wear on socks 8/10 The box has signs of wear, its condition is fair. X metal box in good condition If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a...
  10. U

    Sold  XS Plasma/Fire Complete

    Hi gang. For sale is a gorgeous pair of XS Plasma with original Fire lenses. Frame is perfect - still factory tight. Lenses are an easy 9/10 (right lens is flawless, left lens has a small dot as seen in pics 10 and 12). Comes complete with everything as new (box, case, extra rubber, coin...
  11. U

    Sold  X Squared Plasma

    X Squared Plasma Frame in good condition. included soft vault X metal, box and coin, Sku matches, no lenses. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. sku matches. Price $ 320 Shipping by DHL 2 to 3 days pay by Paypal
  12. U

    Sold  X-metal X Squared $Sold

    I have an x squared for sale. Has aftermarket lenses and rubber. Not sure what brand they are. I was really hoping I’d like x metals but they just done suit me. Looking to get $350 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  13. U

    For Sale  Oakley x squared x metal plasma and polished good deal

    $299.00 each plus shipping Frames: Plasma X metal and polished All frame are in good condition New aftermarket lens microfiber bag included
  14. U

    Buying  XS Ice / Ruby Iridium OEM Lenses

    Looking for Great/Mint condition XS Lenses - Both Ice & Ruby Iridium Shipping to Vancouver, BC, Canada Cheers L
  15. Logik

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

    Hey there fellow Oakley fans! Signing on from Vancouver, BC Canada! Long time Oakley XMetal collector and patriot. Last summer I had my SUV broken into outside my home and had 3 pairs of XMetal glasses stolen from inside, XS / XMetal / Ruby, XS / Carbon / Black and the Gen 1, Juliet / "old"...
  16. U

    For Sale  oakley x-squared x metal good deal )

    $299.00 plus shipping Frame condition 8/10 ( tight ) brand new aftermarket lens Microfiber included no box , case or coin
  17. U

    For Sale  LNIB X Squared XS Plasma Complete Box Coin Case

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY X-SQUARED Frame: Plasma Lens: Fire Iridium Polarized SKU: OO6011-04 Rating: 9.5/10 Description: LNIB Price: $old
  18. U

    Sold  X Squared XX $150

    SOLD $150 plus shipping
  19. U

    For Sale  Oakley x squared plasma, polished

    $345.00 each plus shipping I have 2 polished and 1 plasma Frame condition 8/10 ( tight ) brand new aftermarket lens Microfiber included no box , case or coin
  20. U

    Found  XS Linegear Olive Drab kit & Juliet 25 T-shocks

    Looking to buy a complete rubber set of Linegear Olive Drab for an XS. Also, looking for just Linegear XS earsocks in black. Finally, need a set of black oem 25 Juliet temple shocks. Or black Linegear small, which for some reason, have fit similar to me in the past. Almost a sweet spot...
  21. U

    Sold  XS Titanium Iridium Polarized lenses

    X-Squared Titanium Iridium Polarized lenses (same as found in 24k XS) Excellent condition, mounted once and worn only a few times. Condition 9/10 only because of mounting evidence. Asking $55 OBO shipped CONUS w/ PayPal G&S Feel free to ask questions! Thanks!
  22. U

    Buying  X squared: in xmetal frame/various lens, good to mint condition

    Hello, I am looking to buy an x squared in the x metal frame color, and various lens colors acceptable (but mostly prefer black iridum or ruby). Please let me know what you guys have and your prices. Should be in good/decent condition. Thank you!
  23. U

    Sold  Xsquared Carbon frame SKU: OO6011-08

    Hello Of for sale this awesome xs carbon frame the sku is for Carbon / OO Black Iridium Polarized, I just make new tune-up, came with nose pads, gasket and all the screws. SKU: OO6011-08 Frame 8,5/10 Nose bridge 10/10 Nose pads 10/10 Price $330 allin, Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
  24. U

    Sold  LNIB XSquared polished w/ vr28 black iridium polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale LNIB Never Been used XS, polished frame with vr28 bip lenses complete and new, is perfect for collectors or for wear. SKU: OO6011-05 Frame- Never been mounted 9.5/10 Lens- No scratches 10/10 Box- Still crisp and sturdy 9/10 Coin- Bnew Softvault- New with plastic...
  25. U

    Sold  LNIB Xmetal XSquared

    For sale are 2 museum quality, LNIB Xmetals: XS and R2. Neither has ever been worn, only displayed. Even the boxes are mint and crisp (the coins have never been removed). Both come complete with everything. These really could be considered BNIB - they’re in perfect condition! 1) XS Xmetal with...
  26. U

    Sold  Dragonvoi's x metal refinery

    As my old thread is not really accessible I have decided to start a new one. there are too many pics to upload, so just tag or message me with the pair you want to see and I will upload pics as we go! Much more to come, I just needed to start somewhere. prices are firm, G&S shipped in the USA...
  27. U

    Deal  Bundle price for juliet and Xsquared 24k pair

    Sup sup yall! Been realy busy at work, new kid on the way and life! Up for sale is a pair of juliet and a pair of xsquared that i customized to be a couple of 24k beasts! The juliet is hammer steams, 24k from a professional done, and xmetal orbitals. With custom cut 24k lens. All in imaculated...
  28. U

    Sold  X-Squared just the frame

    X-Squared for sale here! Just the frame has some wear, nosebridge and the stems are still in good condition though. Just needs earsocks and lenses. Great for a nice build or a daily wear. I’m going to ask $160 but im extremely open to offers as every other frame x-metal ive sold or been...
  29. U

    Sold  XS BIP Lenses

    Another quick sale... these are used (not by me). From the pictures they look clean and mint but there is a few minor scratches on the right/left lens (very superficial) that I can't get on the camera but they are there. Left lens has one minor mark (pin print) and same issue minor and...
  30. U

    Sold  XS BIP lenses

    Quick sale here: 1 set of OEM BIP XS lenses. They came from a used frame, no marks that affect vision. Only marks that I could find are mounting marks when I removed from the frame. Asking $65 shipped within the US.