1. D

    Xsquared all SKU'd up

    I thought I was done with x-squareds, but while waiting for a couple of hard-to-find Juliets, I actually finished up the entire SKU lineup complete with all the boxes 'cept one. Really tired right now so will add titles later for now, enjoy the pics. urgh too file too big...
  2. Fernando

    Sold WTS Xsquared Xmetal ruby iridium SKU#006011-03 #SOLD

    Hi all This time I put on sale a fantastic and complete xsquared in XMetaL / ruby iridium combo, are used but in good condition, the bridge of the nose has a little movement, lenses have signs of use on the inside as shown in the Photos,I have put me to see and do not mind the visión, canme...
  3. pav333hp

    Buying BNIB: Polished or Plasma X Squared (XS)

    I'm looking to get my hands on a brand new polished or plasma X Squared. Not the Polished Carbon, the polished X metal one. 1st preference - polished 2nd preference - plasma If you are in Bay Area (NorCal), we can meet in person. Thank you!
  4. gnuwolf

    X-Squared X-Metal: Non-SKU

    Hello, I wanna know if Oakley released non SKU X-Squared X-Metal? Thank In advance.
  5. gnuwolf

    X-Metal Finish: Is there a way to repair scuff?

    Hello O-Gurus, Is there a way to fix/repair this kind of scuff? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  6. gnuwolf

    Need advice: Which is more rare..Penny or X-Squared?

    Hello, I need you advice, I have a serilized Ti Penny and someone wants me to swap it to his XSquared XM. Is this a good swap/trade? Should I keep my Penny? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  7. MKO2012

    X-Squared Custom Lenses!

    Love my XS, definitely my favorite pair of X-Metals I currently have. But what do you do when Oakley doesn't make lenses anymore?...Cut your own! So far so good on my custom cut lenses, especially proud of the vented lenses cut to fit.
  8. iRubyRed

    For Sale X Squared Xmetal / Ruby

    Decided to sell my Oakley XSquared Xmetal / Ruby Iridium. 10/10 condition throughout. Frames 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Case & Pouch 10/10 Everything is original factory Oakley, Made in USA on ear stem rubber etc. The Ruby lenses are a very deep purple which I have tried to capture on...
  9. Fernando

    For Sale Xsquared plasma / fire Polarized SKU: OO6011-04 ***SOLD***

    Hi all, I sell these xsquared are as new, with very little use, the frame is in perfect condition, no marks or scratches, just as tight and polished than the first day, the lenses are in perfect condition, the left lens has two very superficial lines of the outer layer, the lens has no groove...