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    Buying XX Twenty Nosebombs need their mates

    I have some unmatched XX Twenty (2000) nose bombs. Can anyone help me find their mates? perspective as if you are wearing the sunglasses... I have: Right Goldenrod/orange (new) Right Blue (new) Left Black (used) Left Rootbeer (new) they are lonely and looking for their mates ... out there...
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    Buying Need help getting RX lenses for XX/Twenty

    Hi forum, It’s been a while, but I seem to remember there being a couple of optometrists lurking around here ;) . I need to replace the RX lenses I use in my various XX frames, and can no longer get them through my local oakley pusher. Does oakley in the US still supply RX lenses for vintage...
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    Trading XX Twenty - Emerald / Gold

    Trading for one of the following models in a metallic or eye catching colorway. May consider other models that are sparkly 🤩 or crystal blue, crystal black, ink black... Don't want anything with aftermarket lenses, custom cut oem is okay or without + $$. Monster Dog NSJ II Ten X (2012)...
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    Sold XX FMJ 5.56 / Fire Iridium, FMJ 5.56 / Ice Iridium

    XX FMJ 5.56 / Fire Iridium Frame in perfect condition lenses with some scratches. Sold FMJ 5.56 / Ice Iridium Frame in very good condition, a logo has a slight delamination. scratched lenses Price Sold (To see photos) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I...
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    Sold Full Metal XX FMJ 5.56 / Fire Iridium

    Hello Of for sale the full metal XX FMJ 5.56 / Fire Iridium with very low used, very mint and complete with the box and all the papers. SKU: 04-285 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 price: $125allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to...
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    Sold Beater XX twenty FMJ 5.56 / Ice Iridium

    Hello OF for sale a beater xx fmj ice, don’t have rubbers, the lenses have several brands of use. perfect to customize, I can send it directly to the artist you prefer. SKU: 04-281 Lenses 6/10 Frame 6/10 Price: $40 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total...
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    Sold XX Emerald / Gold Iridium

    Hello Of for sale a XX Emerald with Gold Iridium lenses, with very little used they are in very good condition, don’t have scratches, the rubbers still in very good condition, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 04-282 Condition: USED Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Rubbers 9,5/10 Price $100 allin ( or...
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    Sold XX twenty full metal FMJ 5.56 / Fire Iridium

    Hello Of for sale XX twenty full metal fmj 5.56 with fire lenses, in used condition, the frame, lenses and rubbers have signs of wear, came complete with box, bag and papers. Condition: preowen SKU: 04-285 Lenses 8/10 Frame 8/10 Rubbers 8/10 Price $100 allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
  9. Rustyjames50

    Hi Oakley forums, XX twenty 2012

    leg screws are short T6 size? Also looking for replacement pieces
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    Sold XX Twentys - 3 Pairs

    For sale are 3 mint condition pairs of vintage XX Twentys. All are flawless. Prices include shipping in NA. 1) Midnight/24k with box - $125 2) Polished Rootbeer/VR28 - $80 3) Matte Black/Chrome (custom cut) - $90 Or take all 3 for $250 :)
  11. Jacob Carstens

    A little rare O-Matter...

    Hi guys, It’s been a while since I’ve showed off my Collegiate pairs - so here they are in my new tower, with a few other rare vintage O-matter. PS @ mods/admin - there should be a ‘XX’ tag !!!
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    Sold xx twenty fmj5.56 w/ fire Iridium

    Hello all for sale xx twenty, used but in very good condition the frame have little off the paint in the left orbital under the lense, for my no affect the vision, still very good for wear, see the pics, I put extra new oem orange earshocks , the lenses cleaning marks, came with bag...
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    Sold XX “twenty” fmj red w/ black iridium SKU: 04-292

    Hello again OFamily twenty fmj red need new Owen to wear and enjoy this old frame waiting many years to see the ligth of the sun, now is the time I use this only for take a selfie.... is complete with matching box, papers and bag. Description: LNIB Lense 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10...
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    Buying XX Twenty Gen 1 Parts

    I know it’s a long shot but I’m seeking out any busted, broken pieces from ANY XX Twenty Gen 1 glasses. Type/colour doesn’t matter. PM if you have anything. Thanks everyone!
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    For Sale XX FMJ 5.56/Blue (ICE) - LNIB..

    Hi guys, Selling a spare pair of FMJ 5.56/Blue XX. Though O-review has it listed as having Ice lenses - the label on the box of SKU#04-281 does in fact say 'Blue'. From looking at the lenses I can't tell. Complete and like new - no issues. Asking 180 $ - PayPal G&S - shipped.
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    Sold XX Twenty FMJ 5.56 w/ Ice iridium SKU: 04-281 $110

    Hello all for sale xx twenty, used but in very good condition the frame have one of the arms and the logo little peeling see the pics, I put new oem blue earshocks , the lenses don't have any scratchers, came with bag and xtra set of new and oem blue earsocks. Description: USED SKU: 04-281...
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    For Sale XX Twenty rubbers earshocks and nosepads $38

    Description: New 2 blue _ 2 SOLD 2 rootbeer - 1 SOLD 2 orange - 2 SOLD Hello All 6 sets of rubbers for xx twenty available, new condition. 1 set includes 2 nose pads and 2 earshocks $38 each, in g&s allin Thanks for look.
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    For Sale Oldies and goodies: Flame Straight Jackets, Sq Wire 2.0, rare Gascan, XX Twenty

    Here come a few pieces you might remember: Square Wire SH 2.0: Dark w/ Black Iridium $140 - Frame, lens, and earsocks are all in original mint condition Straight Jacket, Green Flames with Emerald $125 - Frame, lens, and earsocks in original mint condition Straight Jacket, Orange...
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    Sold FMJ 5.56 XX Emerald

    Selling a pair of Original XX as im switching to x metals FMJ EMERALD Frame: 9/10 very nice Lense: 8/10 severl minor pinpoint marks nothing that impedes/bothers vision All Rubbers good Stems tight Asking $115 Shipped CONUS or Canada
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    Deal XX FMJ ICE and FMJ Persimmon

    Selling a pair of Original XX as im switching to x metals 1.FMJ ICE Frame: 9.5/10 Lense: 9/10 All Rubbers good Stems tight 2. FMJ Persimmon FRAME: 8/10...just because there are two spot of peeling on both outer end of orbitals, Apart from that, everything else ok LENSE: 9/10 All rubbers good...
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    Buying Purple & Evergreen XX or Minute.

    Hi guys, On top of my collegiate editions wanted list is the Dark Purple Washington XX. Second is the Evergreen - Miami & Oregon. Someone has got to have them lying around - show me :D
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    For Sale Lenses, all new old stock.

    For sale here are new old stock genuine Oakley lenses. All are in new condition unless otherwise noted. None have boxes, only the Oakley foam they came in. US shipping is a flat $5. International shipping available at buyers expense. I only ship to the registered paypal address and put actual...
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    For Sale XX (old)PRICE DROP

    Have this Gold Lenses originally from my Emerald Frame which i now Replaced with Emerald lenses. Lense condition 9/10 Comes with Oakley Black Microfiber case $120 Shipped to US and Canada...international will pay extra Now $80 shipped CONUS
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    Deal XX old Twenty (PRICE DROP)

    I bought this lot from an avid Oakley Collector. He had lots of Oakley rare collectibles. Most Came from Oakley in California but some from Europe and Holland.Unfortunately, he got layed off and spouse got sick so he sold most of his collection of X-Metals and others. I was able to acquire these...
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    Traded XX TWENTIES

    I bought this lot from an avid Oakley Collector. He had lots of Oakley rare collectibles. Most Came from Oakley in California but some from Europe and Holland.Unfortunately, he got layed off and spouse got sick so he sold most of his collection of X-Metals and others. I was able to acquire these...
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    Buying XX - Electric Blue, Mustard & Gunmetal..

    Hi guys. I'm looking for any of these O-matter XX. Frames and icons must be good - lenses and rubbers I don't need. Show me what you've got :D Thanks
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    Buying Oregon Ducks & Miami Hurricanes...

    Hi guys, Looking for any of the Evergreen Collegiate pairs - preferably XX, but Minute as well.. Thanks :)
  28. SiRacer420

    A few new pieces for the collection

    A few weeks ago, while on my hunt for more things to add to my collection, I found a guy selling his entire collection. I made him an offer for the whole lot and he accepted it. I then had to convince him to set up a paypal account and ship them. He said in the ad that everything was like new he...
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    Buying Collegiate series - XX & Minute

    Hi guys, Still looking for more teams to complete the series: Miami Hurricanes Oregon Ducks Hawaii Auburn USC UCLA Colorado Nebraska Alabama But interested I all teams, so let me know what you've got stashed away.
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    Trading Notre Dame XX for other Collegiate Series XX or Minute.

    Hi Guys, Got an extra pair of these beauties - Notre Dame XX (Navy/Gold Iridium) Frame, icons, rubbers and front logo are spotless. A couple of very small scratches - doesn't affect vision 9/10. Looking to trade for another Collegiate Minute or XX - not already in my collection :D