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12 Gauge Quality


Oakley Beginner
Interested in the Oakley 12 Gauge watch. I'm from the uk and am an avid collector of Oakle X-Metals, I've recently bought a timebomb 2 watch which is amazing quality but i'm looking for a white faced watch for summer, i think the 12 gauge steel bracelet model fits the bill. i've searched all the oakley stockists near me but none have a 12 gauge in stock to look at, i've been looking online for opinions on the quality of the 12 gauge and there is quite a lot of negative reviews, even on the o review it gets slated, does anybody have one, would anybody recommend one?
Yeh, I don't know about the quality, but I would check out the Gearbox with a White face. I included a pic and link below. Personally I like how it looks better than the 12 guage, and I have also read a lot of bad reviews about the 12 guage, so I would try something new! To me the Gearbox White face seems like a Summer watch, just my opinion.

Oakley Gearbox | Official Oakley Store
i'm not so keen on the gearbox watch, don't realy get the big lump on the side, i'm liking the limited edition titanium 12 gauge with carbon/yellow dial despite saying i wanted a white faced watch
I love my 12 Gauge, I too have read the review on O-Review and think it was an isolated incident because mine works fine and I have never had any issues... As you can see my seconds hand is aligned precisely...
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I have the SS/Black face and the Stealth/Unob 12 gauges and both are Good quality. Mind you, not as high as an Omega/Breitling/Hublot, etc. but on par or better than stuff from Invicta, Citizen, etc. FOr what you are paying, you're getting a lot of well made components. As with any manufactured product, you'll find that a "lemon" squeaks through every once in a while and it sucks to be the person that gets it.



I have an Omega Seamaster and I know what makes watches like the Omega more expensive are the internals. That being said, with an Oakley watch, I'm still getting visually stunning watch (as opposed to the Omega) but the internals are Swiss.

well i ordered my limited edition titanium 12 gauge with carbon/yellow face yesterday, delivery should be 3-5 days, i can't wait,
i have a breitling that is for very best and timebomb 2 for smart days, the gauge is to be my every day watch, hope the bracelet holds up to regular use and the metal link pins don't wear through the carbon bits on the bracelet, are they sleeved with steel tubes by any chance? (they would be if breitling made the gauge)
Romeo, I just took out one of removed links and took a look. There is a tube. but it's only in the center "prong" of the link.
I hope you can make out the end of the sleeve in the photo.


thanks for the pic dwcfrr74, its good to know oakley do things the right way, sleeving the carbon is such a simple thing but many manufacturers simply wouldn't bother
my only issues with the 12 gauge is the size, way too big for my wrist. the only problems with the titanium is that if you dropped it or bump it into something it gets scratched easily, easier than a MM
well, my 12 gauge arrived today and i must say it feels awesome and looks great on, i have big arms from mtb so it only needed one link out,
there is a problem with it though, a scratch on the INSIDE OF THE GLASS, its at the 6 o'clock position and is 3mm long, i bought the watch from an ebay seller in america, its a registered oakley dealer but i'm not sure what to do, i'm not happy about the scratch as the watch cost lots of money$1500 but it was much cheaper than buying from the uk, ideally i should be able to deal with oakley uk but without a receipt from a uk seller i'm not sure what they will say

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