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3.0 Oakley lettering

Ken Medeiros

Oakley Beginner
I have a 3.0 case that does not have the plastic Oakley lettering. As luck would have it I bought another case from a sports shop for $50. Planing on taking the letters out of the back side and putting in them in the front side of my other case. I did not realize the case I just bought was a 3.1 and the letters are not wide enough to fit in the 3.0 case. Also found out that the 3.1 case is 1/8 inch slimmer than the 3.0 case.

So any ideas where I can just get the letters from a 3.0 case from.



You can have the letters laset cut. You can download the Oakley vector logo at the link below. Then measure the letters on you case so that the vendor can scale up the vector files for you and cut it to the size you need. Measure the thickness of the letters you have on your case so the vendor will know what thickness of acrylic sheet to use. Hope this helps.