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Anyone know BoostBear

Maybe he’s busy or something. He’s the first person I ever transact here and been smooth ever since. Dealt with him multiple times now and I can say I have no issues. He’s been more than helpful with all my queries.
Wish I had seen this thread before all the supposed slander was thrown at Boost Bear. He has sold to me multiple times and is a great seller with really good prices. I hope he gets the help he needs and is back to it soon.

What slander are you talking about? Did anyone say he scammed people and bounced? This whole thread is filled with pretty much the opposite response.
I am gonna ask you guys to give him a pretty good spell before expecting to hear from him again. No, I do not know him personally but I do know what he might be facing right now and its a solid chance he is going to be out of touch for awhile. Getting sober is a right now, no excuses, kind of thing and it is one time when dropping everything you know in life to focus on that is reasonable. I hope he is finding the path that will bring him back to us to take care of losses and missing items but right now he could be doing some real life and death shyt

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