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Batwolf Replacement Lenses


I should Work at Oakley
Oceanside, Oregon
I know we have some in the know Oakley people here....anyone heard of a timeframe for the release of replacement lenses for the Batwolf. The interchangeably of the icons and ease of removing the lens makes this model ripe for interchangeable combos...like in 5 minutes I could change my clear Ice with blue icon to a clear Emerald with Chrome icon.
Course as I'm thinking about it one could accomplish this buy ordering a Custom with say a frame not available in mass production like Polished White or Ghost Text with the lens you want and then turn around and sell the frame by itself with the icons and packaging....would net enough to offset cost and make the lens cost around $60. It's a wait and you have to front the cash....but its doable without too much hassle.
As The Game noted, O-Stores have them. My local store didn't have Emerald in stock but they said they are getting at least one of every color with the weekly shipment. And yes, $55 for the standard iridiums.