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Best Oakleys For Formal Occasions?


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
What are the best or some of the best looking Oakley sunglasses to be worn with a suit or formal clothing? Such as a Tuxedo or any sort of suit?

Example to be, wearing it at a outdoors wedding or maybe a business related outdoors party...ect

Pictures are welcome please, I'd like to see how Oakleys look while wearing suits and such.

Thanks. :)
I would definitely say black frames with black lenses, just to keep it basic. Possibly the Plantiff's or Inmates, and maybe the Jury's.
I tend to push the boundaries in those settings and wear what I want....but if needed, all black Square Wire and and black frame X Metal would work as well with a toned down lens...I've worn my Pit Boss, TiO2 XX and all black X Squared to corporate functions and not felt out of place.
any wire frame works but i usually try to match the color of the suit. if i were to use an omatter frame id go with icepick