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  1. Seed65

    Seed65 Oakley Beginner

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    Good day,

    I would like to get new prescription lenses for some older Oakley models, and as I understand it Oakley RX (digital) does not fill scripts for many of their past models....Minute 1.0, Fives 2.0...etc. I was hoping to get digital, but I may not be able to.

    Where is the best place to get high quality polarized lenses (digital) for these older models? SportRX is a well known place. Anyplace else?

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. demitri.prometheus

    demitri.prometheus Oakley Beginner

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    Try asking ADS Eyewear and also ask your local Oakley Store.
  3. Sun & Sand

    Sun & Sand Oakley Collector Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I think @InfiniteHero may know of a lab that can make lenses for Oakley frames.

    Mike Hileman of Eye Gear Sport Optics in Henderson, Nevada is an authorized Oakley dealer who has a lot of experience putting Rx lenses in Oakleys. Before opening his store he used to work in a lens lab, so he has a lot of insight into all the options available for making Rx lenses for Oakleys.

    Sports Optical of Denver, Colorado specializes in putting Rx lenses in sports sunglasses, including Oakleys. They offer a wide selection of lens tints and coatings.
  4. InfiniteHero

    InfiniteHero Entrepreneur Premium Member

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    PM me, I can get you taken care of no problem. We do them all the time, need your prescription info, your "PD" (absolute must) and will need the frame and OEM lenses to do them. Takes about 10 days once we get them. Prices for Zeiss Lenses $300. Thats a polycarbonate prism ground lens, w/ anti scratch coating, Polarization, color of choice, and mirror coating (Iridium to Oakley folks). Best you can get lenses so there is no worries about quality. Zeiss Labs actually do the work and if you have INS we can work with that also.
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  5. Greatestalltime

    Greatestalltime Oakley Enthusiast

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    Lens crafters told me they can send them to Oakley and have them made custom. I have some Splice I need lenses for but I think I'm going to use someone on here.

    Also, they said I could use my vision insurance.
  6. Tunney Prime

    Tunney Prime Oakley Beginner

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    Yes. I had RX lenses put in some hatchets by Oakley (through an authorized optician) years after they were discontinued.
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  7. Chris A Hardaway

    Chris A Hardaway The Man Loves to Chop 'Em. Premium Member

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    Debonair Eyes