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Case info needed


I should Work at Oakley
Hello All

This time i would like to buy a display case.Please help me the attached case is worth 400 usd?it has every parts,used.


  • oak.PNG
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Think that's a good price bro.
Lights working in it too?'
Looks overall in good condition.
That case is heavy and heavy duty. Not the brightest one but still a unique looking one
Take it. If the structure is good and all the parts are there it's a nice find. After you clean it up and such PM me and I will come get it.
Thanks all!
I will buy it then,i think this price is good :)
the case has all parts and light works as well.This was in an o-store as far as i know :)
fingers crossed :) i will upload more pics after it arrives ;)
Could you please let me know that this case is rare?or what is the name of it?thnaks
Dear All!
i just got the information that the guy who sold me this case he has 3 left from the same spine case for around 350 usd/piece.
If someone will be here in Hungary dont hesitate to contact me i can help with the purchase.
I will get my case on next thuseday and then i will post a few pics hopefully ;)
cheers guys