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  1. EP3RR

    EP3RR Oakley Enthusiast

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    Just picked up a pair of Chainlinks the other day.

    These were in the "sale" rack at the Oakley Vault. This particular frame was supposed to come with black iridium polarized lens. But they had the 00 red iridium polarized in them instead! I've never used a contrast lens, but once I tried them on, I was sold!

    I was really confused as to why the stock lens was swapped out, but I'm really glad with this combo. The red ear socks would be too much for my taste.

    Chainlinks! - ImageUploadedByTapatalk1423973981.335946.jpg
    Chainlinks! - ImageUploadedByTapatalk1423973994.859445.jpg
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  2. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    Cool find on the oakley stand. I wasn't too fond of the contrast with this lens.