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  1. nlgrav182

    nlgrav182 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Looking for a picture that compares all X-Metals overall frame size and styling points. I tried on X-Squareds at a Vault and like them but the corner sticks out oddly and the price was steep. I want a wearable pair and want to find them on eBay or here.

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. Aprilia Man

    Aprilia Man Oakley Beginner

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    Hope this helps a bit.

    X Squared and XX TiO2
    Comparing X-Metals? - IMG_0872.jpg

    X Squared and Juliet
    Comparing X-Metals? - IMG_0645.jpg
  3. demitri.prometheus

    demitri.prometheus Oakley Beginner

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    Best thing's to try 'em out both at a store and see which one fits you best.
  4. nlgrav182

    nlgrav182 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Unfortunately I can't try on the discontinued ones.
  5. i4lfox

    i4lfox Oakley Beginner

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    as requested by nlgrav182

    here it is bro

    Left side : Xmetal XX with red rubbers and Ruby Lens + Xmetal R1 with Red rubbers and Ruby Lens
    Center: Titanium Frame Penny with Red Rubbers and Ruby Lens
    Right Side: Ducati Juliet with Ruby Lens + Ducati XS with Ruby Lens
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  6. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I hear what you are saying but I think that is your impression and more that than anything else on the corner portion deal. You know you best.

    The XX's might be a better aesthetic fit then and I'm sure someone will throw a better image up here like I have seen in the past to better illustrate sizing. To me they are about the same size except for the Juliet which is clearly smaller and if I recall correctly- dare I say at the risk of derision in this sub forum- was a unisex footprint?

    At any rate the Romeo, XX and XS have much greater visual impact than the Juliet as you can appreciate from your avatar.

    However, if the price tag on XS at the Vault seemed steep then the prices on the longer discontinued XX and Romeos won't excite you either.

    My .02!