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Completely Unsolicited Ad for Chris A Hardaway


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I found myself in need of some blue light lenses due to heavy screen usage at work causing headaches. Naturally if I’m putting glasses on my face of any type, they need to be featuring the “O”.

I’m an SI member, so I started my search there, but asking them to just put clear/blue light lenses in with no Rx is apparently quantum physics. So I went to my local Oakley store where the Rx person told me she could get me the same SI discount. So I trusted the process and ordered through her.

I think the Rx person at the Oakley store kinda ripped me off. I tried to suggest ordering the frames through my SI membership then getting the blue light lenses. She tried to sell me on the gaming lenses but I didn’t want a yellow tint. She said the blue light filter was just a coating that doesn’t provide much protection and would wear out. She also “couldn’t order” the Gauge 7.1’s I wanted, even though I could through SI, so I ended up with the Metalink.

I was then able to pick up a pair of Gauge 7.1’s on the cheap and reached out to the one and only @Chris A Hardaway to see what he could do. I sent my frames from Virginia to him in California and got them back within a few days. The lenses he put in them are incredible. So much so that I’m considering having the OEM lenses on my Metalink’s switched out.

Moral of the story, don’t waste your time or money… just reach out to @Chris A Hardaway!
Rx light blue from Christopher and I love them. Crosslink.

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