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Discussion in 'DIY/Modding Discussion' started by Madgadget, 10/14/17.

  1. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Hey ill have mine posted to Northern Ireland if that helps my case.......:behindsofa:
    Jon the Don likes this.

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  2. Jon the Don

    Jon the Don

    The way things are going you will have contacts in all four corners of the planet!
    htrap2294 and "TRUMP" like this.

  3. Zax

    Zax Premium Member

    Top quality work! Those are phenomenal
    Wavecloud likes this.

  4. htrap2294

    htrap2294 Premium Member

    Thank you for this @Madgadget !

    If you ever decide to make them for sale, put me down for a pair!
    TheDukeOfIce likes this.

  5. Amanoramonkey


    Send to Dorset. Or I will happily come and collect just take my money.
    Beautiful work man

  6. Dylanismyname


    Oh the terrible things I would do to get a pair of these...
    Honestly though, this is one of, if not the most impressive and creative things I have ever seen on this site. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
    Zax, TheDukeOfIce and "TRUMP" like this.

  7. Ryan_C


    Put me down for a pair of Juliet’s and Romeos. Wow, these are super bad ass!

  8. htrap2294

    htrap2294 Premium Member

    Can I call in the favor now to ship to you? :D
    Jon the Don likes this.

  9. Jon the Don

    Jon the Don

    Whatever you need, big fella.

  10. Lars


    Thank you for the update @Madgadget I would love to be able to have one of your Romeo creations.
    Great work again.

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