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Discussion in 'DIY/Modding Discussion' started by Marty_B, 3/2/16.

  1. Marty_B


    I bought my pair of Juliet's way back in the day before Oakley started offering the "custom" service. They came with the standard grey lenses in them. I wanted Ice Iridium which I was told werent available but I could send them to the O Factory and have them custom fitted.

    So this is what I did, I remember it cost me about $250 on top of the near $500 I had paid for them straight up. I didnt care at the time as I wanted the lenses. I may have been mislead or Sunglass hutt may have been wrong I dont know.

    Either way they are very wide and never fit me very well so I have moved on from them but still have them in my collection.

    As I am now selling all but my Fiorino's I was wondering if this makes them more rare, less rare, or just another pair of Juliet's and if so what would be a fair price to ask for them.?

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. mjt42

    mjt42 Premium Member

    it doesn't make them more rare - in fact their saleability would be better if you still had the original lenses. this would be even more so if they are serialised and you had the original box to match the colour combo....
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  3. Marty_B


    Yep fair enough too, I sent them whole back to Oakley and they didnt return the lenses. I think they may have been scratched which is why I chose to get new lenses. I still have the original box with the XX Coin and new replacement nose and temple rubbers just not the original lenses.

  4. SMman


    XX coin or Juliet coin? Oakley should have sent your lenses back to you. Now you have me worried because my plasma/emerald Juliets are with Oakley Canada right now. They told me to leave the lenses in but I did remove all the rubber items.

  5. Lexkempo


    Jayzus ... Never send to Oakley Canada !!!


    I brought my first pair in and they initially refused to work in them because they were 'fine, they then did some kind of 'repair' (sounded like a sledge hitting cement for two minutes) when they came back they weren't any better, he said I was lucky he didn't break em (and if he did they weren't responsible) and then he handed me a bag of rubbers and said to change em myself because mine were 'still good'...
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  6. OakleyGuru379


    They didnt send you the lenses back? Wow.

  7. flyer


    The horror stories abound...

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