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Custom Oakley Radar Path's


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Hey I got these about 2 years ago and they are great glasses. They are Polished Aluminum Frames and Grey Iridium Polarized Lens. The only problem I have ever had with them is that one of the ear socks fell off after getting sweaty while playing golf, but hey it just gave me an excuse to get new ear socks :D .



Cool Customs, I'm not a huge fan of the M Frames, but I like the Radars because they are a little smaller for everyday use. I like the chrome frame with the blue. The chrome works with the grey lenses because you can put any color earsocks/nose piece on them and its like a totally different pair of glasses.
you should totally get a ice ird lens for those things! that would look awesome with the blue ear socks and even the chrome frame
the color combination is good, but i agree with oakleyguy 7, ice ird lens would look awesome with this :D
I will be the one to disagree, I think the black iridium lenses are perfect. It balances out the blue and aluminum colors. Ice iridium would be blue overkill imo.

Edit: I thought the icons were blue, not silver. I retract my blue overkill statement.
Yeh the chrome is great because I can buy red earsocks and fire lenses, and they become a completely different set of glasses, and that works for just about every color!