oakley custom program

  1. BigRich

    Delivery time for First Custom Sunglasses from Oakley?

    Just ordered a custom pair from Oakley using my 30% F&F. For those that have done this before, what is the expected turnaround time order to delivery?
  2. Bosoxyacht

    OCP Twoface

    It looks like the Twoface will become OCP in August, and Jawbreakers will follow soon after.
  3. M

    How does Oakley decide Oakley Custom Sunglasses?

    Hello, does anyone know how Oakley decides what frames to offer up for customisation? If they're not put on after first release is it likely that they'll ever be put on? I'm asking as I would love to be able to customise some valves as the frame is perfect for me but the current colourways suck.
  4. discodave

    Oakley Custom Orders - How Long does it take?

    Just wandering how long any of you have waited on your custom pairs (from the OAKLEY website). I know it can be up to 15 business days, and that sucks for someone as impatient as I am. :-) Waiting on a pair of Navy Blue Flak 2.0s with blue rubbers and custom etched gray lenses.
  5. M

    How to register OCPs?

    I just purchased a pair of OCP Gascans from the local Oakley store and they do not have a serial number anywhere. They just say Oakley on the left arm and CE on the right. The Oakley registration form will not accept registrations without a serial number.
  6. Feelin' Froggy

    My Tiny Collection

    My very humble collection. It will never be on par w/most of you. But I'm ok w/it. Started out buying back pairs I had growing up and expanded to pairs I like (and can afford!) Haha! It's funny b/c my "Grail" is just a pair of Crystal Black w/90s +Red. If you know me you know my obsession...
  7. oakleygolfer

    Killing Of Frogskins?

    Okay, so when I was at the Oakley store a few months ago with a bud of mine, we got into a discussion with an employee about Customizable Frogskins. At the moment of hearing this my friend and I couldn't wait till the customization was available. But now after the Custom Frogs are out, and today...
  8. Batwolf

    OCP Frogskins - Matte Black Frame "issue"

    Just so you guys know, Oakley called a manufacturer defect on the OCP Matte Black Frogskins frames. The "Oakley" on the stems is all black on the first run of these frames so the frame is literally all Matte Black. Oakley is working on fixing it so if you want the original white Oakley you might...
  9. T


    How exactly is the OCP on the Frog's going to work (if anyone knows)? Will it be online like the other 20+ models on there, or will it be instore only like the Holbrook? And I am having nightmares that were are going to get a matte black, polished black, white, and clear frame colors and grey...
  10. OakleyBoss

    Custom Oakley Radar Path's

    Hey I got these about 2 years ago and they are great glasses. They are Polished Aluminum Frames and Grey Iridium Polarized Lens. The only problem I have ever had with them is that one of the ear socks fell off after getting sweaty while playing golf, but hey it just gave me an excuse to get new...