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Detolf Shelf Mod


The Crawling Chaos
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Mesa, AZ
I went to ace hardware to pick up all the parts to add shelves, thanks to the instruction from SpliceD. I had the glass cut the same dimensions of the detolf glass, but this didn't work out for me. If you want to do this mod and use 1/8" wire rope clips make sure the glass is cut to 15" x 11 3/4". The original dimensions are not wide enough with those clips. Anywho, thanks again for the info SpliceD, can't wait to fill up the extra space.
More shelves
Ah, sorry about that! Now that you mentioned it, i did get the glass cut a little wider for them to fit the wire rope grips. Really sorry about that :sad: I hope the glass shop didn't charge you extra to get new ones cut. Did you end up using the little rubber feet/discs to have it sit on the grips?

I also forgot to mention that it helps to use a bubble leveler to make sure the glass sits even. Looks like you didn't have any trouble though.

Another tip to those who want to do this to their case, i put the grips at exactly half way between each shelf. I used a ruler with a sharpie to guesstimate where it should be sitting. Once i had it all measured out and set up, i used the leveler to straighten it up.

Looks good!

Nyarlathotep - Hope you don't mind if i put up my pics since we're on the topic.

Here's the wire rope grips that you'll need.

And a pic of my case
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I might get some more shelves for my Detolf although that just inevitably leads to more frames. LOL

I DID get my Oakley hanging mirror today in the mail that went right onto the Detolf door! :D
I did use little rubber feet, no I don't mind the pics and I didn't mind the extra $20 for another set of glass. They say measure twice cut once. I didn't even measure once. :)