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Former Oakley Sales Rep. just found a box of goodies in storage

Rotten Ronnie

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Kreepsville, USA
i am still confused like you marksman....... did OP deliver or was it: just a dick in a box?
I'm thinking it's....


I work at Oakley
Did he send you those?

Or are those yoirs ? I’m interested in those old school m frame socks. I need a new set of white and clear
Made a a round trip stl to KC.. couple RX cases too

This is likely a variant of the
"Hey, beginner here, just found a
(Insert super valuable, rare Oakley item)
in my couch cushions.
Is it worth anything?"
30 thirsty forum members respond, and the OP ghosts the thread.
Yes, i thought so as well....... but that post by IAMOBS makes it sound like he really did have some stuff after all !