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Former Oakley Sales Rep. just found a box of goodies in storage

Rotten Ronnie

Premium Member
Lifetime Member
Kreepsville, USA
Like my grandpappy used to say...

Lopaka KaMars

Oakley Non-Expert
Premium Member
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Kaneohe Hawaii
🤦🏻‍♂️ This is a difficult conversation.

Page 5 @Lopaka KaMars

Plus 2 RX towers, an ugly but brand new zero.whatevertheuglyoneis, some random display stuff… mirrors,
Ahhh. Missed that one while at work I guess. My bad. I only saw the photo of what could been you with your mom and dad. Lol. Good for you dude. That's way better than my thoughts that he took his stuff to ebay. Congrats.

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