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Hi... first post, hope I´m in the right section.

So, as the title says, I´m looking for a miracle. I have these Oakleys I had bought ages ago, loved them, until a friend scratched the hell out of one of the lenses and forced me to retire them. The model name on the glasses had worn out already and I was never able to determine the correct model to be able to get a pair or replacement lenses, so I put them in a case and stashed them in a drawer. Last week I was traveling and lost the glasses I had been using for the past 2 years and I thought that I would love to be able to bring these Half Wires back from the dead, they were my first Oakleys. From what I´ve been able to determine these are Half Wire 1.0, but I would love an expert to confirm that for me before buying the lenses. I´ve also been looking for the nose pad since apparently some how one of them fell off and vanished (I don´t remember loosing it at all) and I probably would need the rubber part that rests on the ear (earsock? sorry, don´t know the right term). And yeah, I do realize that I´m pretty much needing to rebuild them completely but I really liked these glasses.

So there goes the hail Mary, any guidance would be much appreciated.


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Yes those are half wire 1.0. You can get replacement lenses and nose pads too. There were 3 different generations of the 1.0s with two different style earsocks. Do you have a picture of the earstems so I can tell which it would take?


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I see this is older but i have also have a pair of halfwire 1.0s in need of lenses. Where are they available. Also need ear socks


Oakley Beginner
I think I came to the right place. I have a pair of what looks to be the same glasses in this thread. Similar to the original poster, my lenses were butchered, the nose pieces need to be replaced and the earsocks. Are mine in fact the Half Wire 1.0 version or a different model? Also, how can I get a hold of the lenses, earsocks, and nose pieces. I have a slight bend in left temple. I would appreciate any help or feedback.

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