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  1. Ken

    Ken Oakley Beginner

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    Hello everyone! New to Oakley brand. Been wearing transition prescription glasses the last 20 years having retired my contacts. After 27 years they just got too uncomfortable to wear. Now due to carataconus, I am forced to go back to wearing a hard contact lens. Downside is they are still uncomfortable. Upside? I have sharper vision and was able to get out the RayBans I had just purchased but really never got to wear. I like them......but they are old style frames not Polarized, and my vision seems a bit blurred when wearing them. I hear and read good things about Oakley lens technology, and I really like the style frames they offer. Ok, that was background....sorry if it was too long a read! So now I am shopping Oakley sunglasses. I like what I see and have thoughts on polarized (which my RayBans are not) because I do a lot of driving, also want a Persimmon lens for hunting and I find I have to lift my sunglasses when driving just to read the dashboard, radio, clock, etc. so I am also thinking transition lens. That all leads me to the Radarlock frames so I can interchange lens as need be and, well, they look GREAT. I see online they have transition but it does not appear to be polarized? Also, since it emphatically states no returns I would like to know just how dark they go. I like the area you can customize but can't figure how to do one transition/polarized and one Persimmon lens. The store did not have transitions to check out and online offering is package deals including 2 lens and to add a Persimmon lens I'm up to 3 lens and a whopping $500. Any suggestions?
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  2. Havok

    Havok Oakley Beginner

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    Whew, that was quite the intro! First off welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll find all the answers you're looking for on the forums as there is a pretty great community here. Unfortunately I can't help you with any of the questions you have, but I can direct you to the general posting area. Try posting there, as what we have here is just the intro section and it isn't followed by folks. Typically we just drop in to say hello and welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll find all the answers you seek in the other areas of the forum!
  3. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    welcome to the forum! enjoy the brand and learn a lot from a bunch of experts here in the forum bro!