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New to forum, a collector too


Oakley Beginner
Hello just joined to see what others have and search for deals and such and its just nice reading about other people's x metal stuff they have and info.
I have a huge case I got back in the day cheap that had 3 oakley mirrors..I have a smaller case also..I have 2 xx I'm having prescription lens made for and a pair of 1st gen xx never worn. I have a nice set of juliet polished I just lost that had prescription lens but had a spare pair of polished...the regular juliets too and I had bought multiple lens for the xx and juliets in the day.
Back in the day I sent my xx gold in for a tune up and they never tuned them only added pads but charged the 100 or whatever it was and oakley sent me a free pair of xx for the hassle which was nice.
I have a knock off pair of xx and romeo just to wear when I'm going boating or something..Got the Mars and xx grey ones off marketplace many years ago.
I bought the tool and pins to fix the loose ones but that was a pain and scuffed a pair and would like to check options to have someone do them that have a great reputation.
Thanks for listening to my rambling


Welcome. Nice coolers lol.
Thanks..We have a blast on them. Actually on the way back from the keys my glaval synergy bus converted to a rv got a flat which is where I lost my glasses, took them off for cheaters to read up on the generator directions and crawl under front to see spare tire..noticed next day and drove back 100 miles to where it got the flat only to find freshly mowed interstate grass so someone scored.