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Hello from Georgia


Oakley Beginner
New member here from Monroe, Ga. Been into Oakleys for longer than I can remember. I, like a lot of members, am into the X-Metals. I am also into Batwolfs and the Deviations. I have a pair of 3rd Gen Juliets and a new pair of Ferrari Badmans. I also have 2 pairs of Batwolfs and 1 pair of the Team USA Deviations. I am looking to get my first pair of X-Squared. Hopefully I can get those from some one on here. Who knows. Just looking forward to learning more about Oakleys and making some friends!

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The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler
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The Castle
Welcome to the forum.

This is definitely the place to find some good friends who share the Oakley passion you have. :)


Oakley Beginner
Thank you all for the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know a lot of you more closely.

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