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Hey guys, I was hoping someone would be able to help me figure out how to safely remove and reattach the stems for the Vintage Blades I got. I’ve already broken one set and I don’t wanna break any more. I attached a few pics as well. Any tips are appreciated!!





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See the back of the box

you have to do it with the pua of oakley or guitar or something similar, slightly lifting the end of the stem and pulling a little of it while you raise



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As tempting as it must be to try out all colour combos, you take a chance every time you bend the tabs.
I don't think there is really a "safe" way to install them, just be very careful and hope they don't break.
Maybe choose a favourite combo and leave them like that.


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Agreed. It's just plastic and with everything, it has a shelf life and a limited number of changes before something will break.

I have the same issue with my Flak Jackets. Each time i pop off the arm to change the temple sock, i worry it's the last time i'll be able to change it. All the twisting and bending has already worn away at the plastic.


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Safest way would be to get in your time machine and go back about 30 years...

O-Matter is some trademark/patented Nylon. Nylon is a thermoplastic, meaning when heat is applied it becomes softer - it will return to a solid/rigid state once cooled. On the flip side when exposed to cold it'll become more brittle.

I've fixed a number of frogs with loose arm by hitting the arms with a hair dryer for 5-10 seconds (or if you can't bear holding them anymore that's prob hot enough), followed by a 2" spring clamp over the hinge fins overnight. Rather than just point it straight at the arms I use a sweeping L/R motion, even though the likelihood of melting anything is pretty slim being Nylon returns to liquid at about 425 F and the hair dryer wasn't exceeding 140 according to temp gun.

Alternatively you can try soaking them in warm water (80-95 F), if you're worried about overheating them. This method coupled with compressed air, and the hair dryer was helpful in removing a stubborn lens from a razor blade.


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i use the very hot water method, put some dish soap or lube on the hinge and pry off w the guitar pick, very carefully
chances of breaking the tab is about 50/50, i've been about 10% so far,
if the stem is cracked more than likely it will break

replacing them is just a hard, heat them up or use the hair dryer, place on the bottom stub and slip over the top,
i take a jewelers file and put an angle on the top stub of the tab will fit over it easier, use some dish soap for lube,

some of the time the tabs will end up a little dog eared

hope this helps

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