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  1. hkwinger

    hkwinger Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Thanks to carguy for your help on this one:
    Infinite Hero Juliets
    Here Are A Few New Metals - DSCN1371_zpsb227f89e.jpg

    I went down to the O store today and picked up this little guy:
    Juliet Plasma/Ice
    Here Are A Few New Metals - DSCN1385_zpsc61d7749.jpg

    I have had these for awhile but I though the Juliet's and Penny's would look nice together:
    Penny Titanium/Ice
    Here Are A Few New Metals - DSCN1376_zps5ba9194a.jpg

    Incase you missed my post last week I was lucky enough to get my hands on the next two pairs. The Penny's thanks for the frame go to rubyethe. I was also lucky enough to get an original Penny Oakley Ruby lens:
    Penny X-Metal/ Ruby
    Here Are A Few New Metals - DSCN1381_zpsd0f76ae6.jpg

    Althought I am not really into Pennys because of my large head, I had to have it. It now sits in the display next to a Juliet Ruby Red serial X000571 and this Penny was serial numbered XM000572. I am weird like that.
    Here Are A Few New Metals - PRJSer_zpsb9af8b56.jpg

    And one that I am most excited about....a Romeo Jordan serial numbered 12XX mint with the box. First X-Metals ever. The temple shox don't even have numbers on them, with a little research I discovered it was before there was a size option (although there is some debate as to the shox being aftermarket). But I am certain that these are original Oakley.
    Here Are A Few New Metals - RJ3_zpsdd391740.jpg
    Here Are A Few New Metals - RJ1_zpsd9efdedf.jpg
    Here Are A Few New Metals - RJ2_zps7cd5a9f2.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    sweet pick-ups bro! liking that romeo!!
  3. erap

    erap Oakley Expert

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    Nice Romeo! Congrats
  4. Wicked

    Wicked Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Bravo.....nice collection.

    What are the rubbers you put on the Plasma/Ice Juliet?
  5. hkwinger

    hkwinger Oakley Beginner

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    The rubbers came on the glass. The O store I went to was the lobby store and the guys know me pretty well. If you ask the right person at the right time you can get lucky. I have a good amount of spare rubber parts in all colors, a perk of being so close to the mother ship. They actually put 2 "made in the USA" rubbers on it but I switched one out with the "ce" when I got home. Not sure how it happened but I have 4 "made in the USA" spares left and no "ce" blue rubbers.