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Hey Guys How's It Going?


Oakley Beginner
Glad to finally get some time to post on here! I hadnt had much time (between working @ The Vault, school, and dealing withe the gf) to get online since I first joined about a month ago and had made some profile errors when I initially joined but I'm finally here!

If you guys are ever in Arizona, stop by the Vault in Tempe! :cool:
welcome bigOak . . .
cool to have another employee on the board! let us now if you hear any rumors :eek:))
Thank you Peeza and Nerd! Great to be here and involved! And yes Nerd, I definitely will! :biggrin:
Someone else with Oakley paychecks... jealous. Welcome and make sure you post a lot since you're somewhat of an "insider"

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