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Hi from Norway


Oakley Expert
Hi guys
Found this forum during my quest to find a new pair of R1's.

37 years old and from the south of Norway.

My first intro to Oakley was through my first pair of Oakley's - The X Metal Romeo 1 back in '98.
since then I've had in order of first to last:
Brown Split Jacket with replaceable lenses
Oakley wireframe ( can't remember the name)
Oakley Tincan pewter/black iridium
Oakley crosshair/emerald green polarized
Oakley flak 2.0 golf Prizm with an extra set of Fire iridium polarized
Oakley Badman sapphire blue.

I found this site to be very helpful and I hope that the great people here will help me in my mission to find back a lost love.... The xm Romeo's.

I've already posted my somewhat sad story about these in the x metal discussion forum.

thank you for a great site for our shared passion.


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