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Hollow Point Now On Oakley Site

the FMJ is a totally other theme!
i would sell a kidney for that :biggrin:

hopefully Oakley will make some other colors for the hollow point in a few month . . . red / blue or carbon dail!?!
Yah at one point I was debating weather or not I should sell a large chunk of my collection to get it but I decided against it. I would love to own that watch though. Maybe one day, im still young.

And yah I hope they make more colors of the hollow point. I think a carbon dial would be sweet!
I got to see both in person and I really liked the Hollowpoint. FMJ is cool and definitely over the top, but the Hollowpoint is so much cleaner without the lever. More colors would absolutely be better, I guess will we just have to wait and see.
Honestly, I love this watch. I like it better than the FMJ and it's much cheaper. I'm pretty sure the orange one will be mine at some point!

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