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1 Gen 1 Juliet X-metal finish (w original Black lenses, and currently mounted CC DWP)
1 Gen 5/Infinite Hero Juliet minty
1 Gen 1 XX TiO2 (w Original black lenses, CC FRuby lenses, and currently mounted CC Chrome lenses)

Oh and one Luxotica Faux-metal Madman Dark Carbon with prizm daily polars.

Approaching my one year anniversary on the 7th.


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4 Juliets -plasma, x-metal, Ti + a carbon now
2 XX's -24k and x-metal
2 XS -1 carbon and 1 ducati on the way
3 R1 -Ti, desert tan cerakote and another Ti that needs refinishing
1 mars leather on the way

so 12 total

It has ebbed and flowed from 2 up to 15 and back to 4 then to 1 even.. then I lost that 1 pair and went to look for another -and realized they are not and will never make these or anything near it again, so now is the time to stock up on them, because prices aren't going down!

Ya'll who have 35+ pairs are mentally ill 😂-but am I jealous, of course!


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Dublin, Ca
Copper R1
Juliet Corvettes etched
Juliet Corvettes etched
JC Juliet’s
R2 Gary Sceizi BI
R2 Emerald proto
R2 Joker
R2 Joker
Mars Emerald polished proto
R1 Jorden 40
R1 Jorden complete
R1 Jorden Complete
R1 Jorden Complete
Mars Jordan Complete
R1 plasma fire complete
R1 Plasma fire complete
R1 Ti complete
R1 Ti not complete
Carbon Half
Copper Penny
XS Plasma Ice complete
XS Polished Carbon
XS Carbon
Juliet X Metal Ruby
Juliet Ichiro Emerald/slate japan
Juliet Polished Titanium Clear Japan (JPPO)
Juliet Plasma Titanium Clear (JPPL)
Juliet Finito
Juliet Ichiro polished OO Blue
Juliet Ichiro Carbon OO Blue
Mars Ruby
Mars Crater Ice
Mars Emerald
IH Juliet’s
JB polished Juliet’s Blue complete
R2 Gary Sceizis Fire
Mars Crater Violets
Custom XX
XX 24K

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