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Howdy from the windy City! I have always had an Oakley addiction since i was a teen..


Oakley Beginner
I would not say in a collector as i wear every pair I own with our question. Cheap sunglasses give me migraines.. I bought an first edition pair of Juliets new from the sunglasses hut back in 1999 for $325 and I was hooked.. Wore those glasses for years. went through a bunch of lenses as I did concrete back then. They lasted up until the arms got loose and flew off my face while i was spinning around in a skidsteer and of course I ran them over.😭 That was that I needed a new pair but the juliets were gone. I'd like to say if I would have known what they would be worth today I would not have worn them ....but come on now they are sunglasses.... thats why I bought them in the first place.. I currently own 4 pairs of flak xl 2.0 , 1 pair of Holbrook, 1 pair of Chainlink, 2 pair of Triggerman, and replaced my last pair of x metal that I lost with a brand new set of Badmans that just came in the mail box today..😁😎 I'm on the hunt for a polished or plasma pair of Romeos as I really have grown to love the square lenses.. Found a pair for $450 which is a steal for new with the vault.. Which is why I'm waiting a bit as every other pair I have found new with the vault is well over $1000. And they are coming from the UK but the seller dont speak English? Not even Austin and Nigel Powers English..hehehe
Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :welcome: