1. V1P3R_Z029

    Oakley Penny X-Metal Ruby | FINALLY after 5 years of dreaming.

    Ultimately blessed and grateful to have acquired these absolute killer sunglasses, which was only a mere fantasy for me to just see one i.r.l (let alone OWN it.) Acquired them on eBay for $850 (unserialized....) Might have gone overboard for these, but I was unaware of Oakley Forum trading...
  2. O

    Hello all my name is Shane

    I am a collector of all things Oakley. I signed up here to see what’s out there that I don’t know about and to get answers to questions I don’t know.
  3. J

    Chop Sawz acquired

  4. M

    New forum member

    I'm new here and stumbled across this forum while looking for some M Frame lenses and frames. I have a pair from 2010 and they are still in decent shape but wanted to see what my replacement options are. I see that US Standard Issue recently restocked their M Frame supply so I picked up some...
  5. U

    Sold New OEM Eye Jacket Lenses - NOS Gold Iridium

    I have multiple sets of brand new, never mounted/used OEM Gold Iridium Eye Jacket lenses (NOS). These will fit both Eye Jacket and New Eye Jacket frames. $75 $70 $65 $60 + $5 shipping per set within CONUS. If outside CONUS, please send a pm for shipping prices.
  6. U

    Sold A couple of Radar EVs

    Both are Matte Black frame with Yellow icon and black ear socks. Both are brand new, never used. - one has Ruby Iridium Path lens ($120 shipped OBO) - one has Prizm Sapphire Polarized Pitch lens ($140 shipped OBO) Open to trades as well!
  7. I

    Howdy from the windy City! I have always had an Oakley addiction since i was a teen..

    I would not say in a collector as i wear every pair I own with our question. Cheap sunglasses give me migraines.. I bought an first edition pair of Juliets new from the sunglasses hut back in 1999 for $325 and I was hooked.. Wore those glasses for years. went through a bunch of lenses as I did...
  8. S

    New to Oakley

    Hey! I’m new to this and I’d really like to learn about different Oakley’s because I’m on the fence about getting a pair and I’m wondering which ones I should get. I love the classic styles like the X-metals and the eye jackets. But ultimately I’m wondering how much it would cost(estimate) for...
  9. F

    What lens color should I get for what I use them for? (first time buyer)

    So I am a Rx user sadly, I have been looking and am very confused on what I should get for my lenses. I would use them for driving, fishing, biking and general activity. I live in New England so the sun is bipolar some days and can be super bright one second but then dim the next second. What...
  10. zaca

    About the new Collection Discussion

    Hi there! I’m new here, but a widely fan of the brand and products. I saw at their website the new apparel collection, which contains Tech clothes. I’m happy they still innovate, not with the same frequency but still. I have another brand Gore-Tex jacket and as a festival freak, I can say that...
  11. M

    Prizm Photochromic

    Surely this needs to happen? The normal photochromic lens is so boring, and has a relatively narrow range. Recent photochromic lenses from the likes of Julbo have more interesting tints and have a much wider range. My suggestion would be a tint like Prizm Road Black 12-80% and something...
  12. bandit.sunglasses

    HELP - New Oakley Chrome Pro M Frame

    Hey Everyone, New member here and big time Oakley sunglasses fan! Just scored an incredible deal, I picked up a pair of chrome Pro M Frames with a sweep lens in incredible condition given the age (just missing a little paint on one of the icons). I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many...
  13. U

    Deal HalfX Polished VR28 Black Iridium COMPLETE

    New complete Half X Not a smudge on it. $330.00 >$300.00 Shipped CONUS Will be nicely packed and shipped USPS and fully insured. PM's please if interested. Thanks all.
  14. U

    Sold PLATE Dark Silver Black Iridium Complete

    Brand new , never worn...not a smudge on it. $300.00USD Shipped CONUS PM's please if interested. Thanks all.
  15. wesleyavieira98

    New to the forum

    Hey guys whats up, I’m new to the forum and would like to introduce myself and ask a couple questions. First of all, I’m 25yo, brazilian but have been living in US for 7 years, I’m a huge fan of all Oakley items but my favorite items are specially the x-metal collection, medusa hats, and old...
  16. U

    For Sale Snow/Motocross Goggle OEM New Oakley Replacement Straps $12 CONUSA

    New Oakley Replacement elastic straps for snow goggles/motocross goggles for sale Each $10 -> $7 + $5 shipping CONUSA/$15 International shipping HOW TO ORDER Please COPY/PASTE the following in a PM me. ____________________________________________________ Name - Postal Address - Country -...
  17. U

    For Sale Valve (new) Polished Black w/ Polarized Black Iridium lens

    OO9236-02 Excellent shape worn once. Too big for me. Originally had +Red lenses but I kept those to cut for X Squareds. Oakley Polarized Black Iridium lenses are pristine and are Oakley OEM lenses. No box. Comes with micro fiber bag. $SOLD + shipping. PM if interested.
  18. U

    Sold Boneyard Juliet!

    Custom Boneyard Juliet with Ikon deep blue polarized lenses! This is my newest destruction of an x-metal lol . This one started life as a 5th gen. Juliet with black iridium lenses! I tore apart and polished smooth then shocked the crap out of it ! It currently has 15 earshocks in it but I can...
  19. 702baby

    New STPL x Oakley Frogskins and Latch...Orders all messed up!!!!!!

    New STPL Frogskins and Latch Staple x Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses Staple x Oakley Latch Sunglasses
  20. jkummes

    Holbrook XL

    First Post but been a member for quite a while and love seeing everything on here! Has anyone heard about the Holbrook Extra Large? I can provide pictures but I didn't even hear about an extra large drop for them. Must have been something they wanted to drop quietly. A little big for me but...
  21. Shade Station

    New Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, We now have Crossrange Patch, Crossrange Shield and Holbrook R in stock ready for delivery. We also have Holbrook Mix and Gauge 6 available for pre order. See the link to order: Oakley Sunglasses | Free Delivery | Shade Station For more info about the new models check out our campaign...
  22. PitBoss

    Carbon Prime... Anyone want one??

    No dear mods, this is not a sales thread This meant as information. Business has pulled me to a certain location in Europe which 1 set of Carbon Prime. The set was on display but does not appear to have been manhandled in any way and my quick inspection of it makes me believe this is a pretty...
  23. Lars

    New O store opening in Utah!

    There is a new O store opening in the Salt Lake area at Fashion place mall August 4. The store manager there Gabe is a great guy. Go check out the opening day if you get the chance.
  24. J

    I love, love, love Oakley...

    Hi! I am new to this forum, relatively new to Oakley (followed for about a year) but really love the company, history and what it's about. I have 13 pairs of Oakley's currently, my favorite piece so far is a tie between my racing jackets, and Rio green fade Radar EV's... I am always wanting to...
  25. Professor Oak

    Representing the DMV

    This is so awesome. So hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Jason and I'm extremely excited to be a part of this community. I've recently become an Oakley fanatic and really have gotten the chance to embrace the brand. I only just turned twenty one but honestly I've always been way more...
  26. U

    Buying OAKLEY COINS PLEASE . . .

    hello community, i'm looking for the Oakley Coins . . . i borrowed some pics from our members
  27. U

    Traded (Or Trade) New Juliet Gen 1 Plasma /w Ice Iridium ***Price Reduced!***

    Hi Guys, I am looking to sell my new Gen 1 Juliet Plasma with Ice Iridium. Asking for $360 (UP $400) inclusive of shipping. This have been left on my display shelf all the while and unworn (not even tried it on!!), so the nose bridge, nose bombs and ear socks are still in tip top condition...
  28. jpinheiroh

    New Oakley Juliet / X-Metals?

    Has anyone heard of the rumor of a release of New Oakley Juliet Limited Editions for late 2016 and early 2017? Hearing just rumbling and rumors right now - wondering if anyone has heard the same, or has any news?! Updated by OakleyBoss from thread...
  29. U

    Sold BNIB Stealth Double Tap Watch $450 Shipped

    Brand new, complete, unworn. $450 shipped to CONUS, international shipping will be $30 extra. Paypal fees included in price. NO TRADES.
  30. U

    Sold BNIB White Dial Hollow Point Watch $980 Shipped

    Spent a ton this week so need to recoup some funds. Brand new, no links have been removed. The protective film covering the crystal, back of the watch, and clasp are still attached. Comes complete from factory. $980 shipped to CONUS. International shipping is $40 extra and will be insured and...