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Oakley Beginner
Hello everybody,
My name is Mika and I am a new member to the forum. I am 17 years old, from the Netherlands and I have been a fan of Oakley since I was 14, but i have started collecting about 1,5 years ago, when I started working in a Oakley icon store. My collection is not very big (yet), but i want to gradually add nice pieces to the collection, because it is not a cheap hobby and I don't make lots of money. Most of my time is spend at my sport, I am a longtrack speedskater so in the winter I skate and in the summer I spend a lot of time on the bike. I mostly collect sport-performace Oakleys so I can wear them when I sport. I want to wear every Oakley I have so i can fully enjoy them.

My collection currently exists of:
A custom painted Jawbreaker
A Kato polished black/prizm sapphire
A Sutro green purple splatter/ prizm road jade
A Latch matte carbon/ prizm ruby
A holbrook metal polished black/ prizm black
aswell as a couple miscellaneous lenses

and I also have a custom painted m-frame and a navy pro m-frame on the way.

The Oakley on top of my wishlist is a Kato low light.

Because I work in a Oakley Icon Store I know quite a lot about newer models, but I lack knowledge on the older models, so i am willing to learn about Oakley's history and I am of course interested in expanding my collection

Thanks for reading!

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