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  1. Jason Vollrath

    Jason Vollrath Oakley Beginner

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    I have been looking around at what people have for sale in terms of juliet lenses and have noticed some differences in the fire lenses. Some fire lenses have more of a gold look to them and others look more reddish/orangish. Then I saw a set of ruby ones that looked almost exactly like the fire ones I thought I had i my set. Is it possible I actually have ruby? I was pretty sure my serial number coincided with plasma/fire. Most pictures I saw were ones off ebay, which I know can have some fakes on it. Any thoughts?
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  2. Carrera1963

    Carrera1963 Lover of Juliet Premium Member

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    Ruby is a neutral lens, albeit with something of a blue cast when looking through it. Fire is a contrast lens, so the two are very different to look through. More than enough to dispel any confusion when looking at them.
    Last edited: 12/3/14
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  3. MJLSr

    MJLSr Oakley Expert

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    There should be a difference when looking through them...
    Not always apparent when looking AT the Ruby gem
    That's why we call the new Ruby a lens full of "Fruby"
    Often confused both by elder and newbie

    If you want to know the specifics
    And other lens statistics
    Any color you can think
    Just follow this link!
    Oakley | Lens Tints
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  4. BHarry

    BHarry The Eclectic Collector

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    I recently had a seller make the same mistake. As others have said, I think the simplest tell is look at base tint of the lens. If you think it looks a little blue its ruby, brownish its fire.