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Juliet Lens desirability \ scarcity ?


Oakley Beginner
Vox Populi?

I have a lovely serialised Juliet frame ( 2 nd generation emerald ) for re- sale. I have three potential lens choices: titanium iridium polarised, emerald iridium or a lovely linegear ruby clear....

From looking about, would I be wrong if I thought the best re-sale price would come from the emerald iridiums?

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Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
Of those three choices, assuming all lenses are mint...

The OEM lenses will always create more value for them than aftermarkets, even if they're LG.

Of those two, it could go either way - they are both popular lenses, and polarized usually is around a $50 upcharge over non-polar. Give or take.

But if they're serialed, the serial prefix indicates the original colorway, and if that's emerald, having lenses that match the colorway on the serial is often more desirable.

If you have a matching box and coin to make it a complete set, emerald is a no-brainer. But if it's glasses-only, I think it's about a wash with either OEM choice.

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