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Just Pulled The Trigger On Some X Squared..

Congrats! Post pics when you get them. The Plasma/Ice doesn't seem to be very popular. I imagine it's because it's more of a subdued colorway and this form tends to move toward louder colors like the ruby.

Nice pick up though. I have a X Metal XX in Plasma/Ice and they color combo makes for a great everyday pair.
I quite like the Plasma/Ice combo. I tried some on a while ago and they looked great.

I always imagined my first pair Polished Carbon/Black Polarized as I really like the look of that frame. I might get some later down the track and swap the lenses around.

I am having them sent to work, but I am off sick. Hopefully they're there already!
sick dude i'm sure you'll enjoy them! i just got my first x-metal the other day, x-squared x-metal/ruby... definitely my favorite pair i own now!

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