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  1. TheDutchman92

    TheDutchman92 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I've heard rumors of it peeling/flaking. Has anyone experienced this?
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  2. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    My friend has a pair of King's Camo Radars that he wears almost every day, including when he goes hunting. I asked him about your question and he said he has never had any problem with them, even where the lenses rub on the frame from removing them for cleaning. He also said that for a special edition, they arent that much more expensive than the regular radars, about 10$ more.
  3. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    i've seen some where the paint has worn on the edges. its same with all prints... just take care of it and i'll last, dont expect it to be bombproof. obviously solid colors last longer..esp if theres no paint and its just the frame material color..(ie blacklight frogs, crystal frames etc)