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Lights Inside Your Display Case?


I Should Work at Oakley...
Denver, CO
I just got my 6' single Oakley tower but it does not have lights. I would like to put some kind if light in it. Anyone have any suggestions on what type to get? Here is a picture of my case.

Are there any openings at the top for lightning? I'm not sure how the 6' cases are put together, but the IKEA one has a simple hole at the top where you can attach a light source. My buddy somehow replaced the bottom ledge with a smoke plexiglass thing and stuck a light underneath to illuminate the bottom, and has rope lights along the top. I'm not sure if all of the 6' cases are the same though.
That would be sick but I have no Ikea near me and the closest is Chicago which is 8 1/2 hours away haha. I wonder if those stick light things would work under each ceiling of the plexiglass?
What about the ceiling of your display? Maybe it's just photo trickery, but it looks like there's a hole at the top. Stick lights would look nice too! That would balance out the amount of light pretty well. You may get a mess of wires though if you do that. Wish I could help more :(.

Edit: Just saw your other post. Those look cool! I was at a Home Depot last week looking for lights and found a set of 3 for 19.99, wired. What's cool is that if you don't need all three, you can pull them apart I believe.