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Matte Rootbeer New Eye Jacket


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So I lucked up and scored a pair of the Matte Rootbeer New Eye Jacket prototype frames off of eBay for not a bad price at all. It was just the bare frames. Then I was able to find an OEM pair of Rootbeer Eye Socks and brand new pair of OEM Gold Iridium lenses. The frames finally came in today and I just got the ear socks and lenses installed. I think they look awesome! Really wish they had the Oakley bridge script but I guess I can live without it. Overall very happy with my purchase.



My guess is these were part of the Satisfy Eye Jacket release. Or they were one of those sets and someone removed the script on the nose bridge and removed the SKU.
Sorry, but I disagree. There is several models that had the Oakley script and ones that didn’t. Like the “Splice”. The sku can fluctuate depending on the year it was produced. I don’t think “someone” removed anything. Just my opinion.