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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Peter Gilley, 8/20/11.

  1. Peter Gilley

    Peter Gilley

    Wondering what you guys think the most popular oakley glasses are?.... I see a lot of athletes wearing the hijinx... Juan pablo montoya wears them. Holbrooks too...

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  2. Herbsley


    Judging by activity on this forum, I would say Frogskin or Juliet.
    Classics that still sell very well.

  3. FrogTastic


    Agreed. Fuelcell and gascan are almost the standard these days.

  4. Hed568


    i would still say the juliets... just screams out oakley

  5. Kaduku


    White ones are standard issues to bros lol jk

  6. OBlazer


    Flaks and Holbrooks are definitely the styles that fly off the shelves in the stores

  7. tonelam21


    I would say radars are getting popular these days.

  8. bigdog425


    watch out for the batwolfs! we cant keep them on the shelf at the vault i work at!

  9. RYAN66


    definitly frogs, the classics are very popular among collectors, gascans is something every person seems to have nowadays, and i feel holbrooks are the next big things

  10. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    Frogs and the juliets in my opinion. =)

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