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New X-squared's!


Oakley Expert
So I finally decided to get me some 24k's. I was having a hard time choosing between the Juliet or X-squared. I think the Juliet might be more collectible, but decided on the squared becasue I just like it more. It fits better on me, I like the more aggressive look, adjustable flex couplers, and I think is more unique, less ubiquitous if you know what I mean.

In any case they are much nicer in person than in pictures, flashy yes, but more subtle and classy than you would expect. It also seems the finishing of the frame is noticeably better. On my polished X-squared, and Juliet there are some small small imperfections. Inside edges are a bit rough, some occasional grinder marks. I think for the gold plate they needed to get the surface perfect, and the extra attention to detail is noticeable.

Here is a quick pic with my polished and 24k XX. Not really similar at all, so if you're looking for an homage this is not it. I like the new ones just as much though, but for completely different reasons. I also threw in a TiO2 for symmetry.

Those are polished, originally with vr28 Pol. I cut the ones in there now from an old violet razor blade lens.
I tried on my first pair of X Squared today.....they are pretty damn cool. They will be my first X Metal purchase (which will be pretty soon).

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