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Oakley Cases X2


Oakley Enthusiast
Relatively new to the Oakley collection game. Picked up my first case last year for $200.


This week I just picked up a double wide Spine case for $50. I am getting lucky with these case prices! The only issue is I am missing the power cord and the triangle piece on the right hand side is broken off. Does anyone know where someone could pick up some pieces for this case? I also would love to see if anyone has mirrors or pieces that go specifically with the spine case.


Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated! I am also ISO a bar height oakley case that is roughly 8 ft. in length. One of the local sporting good stores has one and I would love to use one as a bar in a man cave.
Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on a good price on the mega and an amazing price on the spine.

Someone may have what you need, just have to have patience. :)
Wow that is an absolute steal on that spine case! I sold one on here in the spring for A Lot more!! Congrats!