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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by Oakaholic, 3/8/16.

  1. Oakaholic

    Oakaholic Premium Member

    Does anyone know were you can purchase a key for an aluminum Oakley display lock or a new replacement lock all together?

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  2. thisguy


    I bought a set of locks from Lowe's.

  3. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    All of the keys are keyed alike so you do not need a specific key for your lock, any key or copy of a key from the same series displays will work.
    All of my Stretchlines use the same keys as each other- but are different from my 2.0 displays.
    All of my 2.0 display cases use the same key as any of my 2.0 displays.
    You said "aluminum", so I assume that you have an x metal type of tower? Any key for this family of displays will work.
    Post up a pic of your display and I'd be happy to send you a copy.
    Consider it a Premium Membership perk! ;)
    Durty66, OakleyFrankFMJ and IUSTEVE like this.

  4. Spenc

    Spenc Premium Member

    Did you have any luck I can send you a key

    Oakley display lock - image.jpeg

  5. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    @Spenc I got him already but now we know where some other stuff is stashed away!
    Spenc likes this.

  6. Oakaholic

    Oakaholic Premium Member

    Car Guy hooked me up already but thank you for offering

  7. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    That's a heck of a gesture from Spenc all the way from Kent!

  8. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    Hi gang. The locks on my xmetal single are medeco. Can anyone confirm if these are the standard locks? If so, any one have a key copy they'd be willing to sell?

    Oakley display lock - 20160206_105658.jpg

  9. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    That appears to be an aftermarket one.

  10. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    Kinda what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

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