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  1. lawman0210

    lawman0210 Oakley Collector

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    Ok I know how everyone feels about grey lenses but as with all our xmetals it's tough to let go. Kinda like sending one of your kids off into the forest by themselves. What am I the only one? OK it was only 3 and 2 actually made it back. Lol. Ok seriously. Just got some new half x's in and I doubled up on my ruby lenses. So now I need to get rid of a set of lenses. I have black iridium polarized so getting rid of my black iridium non pol isn't that crushing of an ordeal. I have these gray non pols that seem to be growing on me. It's also a different shade so it's more justifiable I guess. What say you?
    Oakley Half-X Lenses - y8umapud.jpg Oakley Half-X Lenses - gare3u2a.jpg Oakley Half-X Lenses - e5u9evy8.jpg Oakley Half-X Lenses - vanuzeda.jpg
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  2. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Personally I only like iridium lenses, I can't stand being able to see through them, so I was never a fan of the Grey Non-Iridiums. But thats just a personal preference.