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Hello All! I'm New to the Oakley Forum! I have a pair of Brand New Oakley Pit boss polished frame with matte blk around the eye lenses. Product no. 03-304. Includes the pit boss, collector's blk wooden box, special elite micro fiber bag, and oakley warranty paperwork. I bought this Last Week for $625.00 with CA sales tax. I still have the receipt! Problem is that I called All the oakley stores, and since I paid cash. No store has that amount of money to give me back. If I paid with CC or debit card, it would be no issue. With that being said. I do not want to waste anymore of my time and gas driving around to see what store will refund me in full. So...I am selling these locally in Southern California for $580.00 cash.If you are outside of CA, it'll be $610.00 which includes Deilvery Confirmation and USPS Priority Mail. I can email the Interested parties pictures.

From what I understand also. These are back ordered until August of this year.

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