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For Sale Pit Boss 1 - customized distress pattern with Prizm ruby lenses

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Having again spent too much money on my other colleting hobby (comics) I need to sell some of my Oakleys and decided to sell five pairs of customized Pit Boss 1’s and a little bit later some original PB1 lenses separately as well.

I bought these Pit Boss 1’s in like new condition and then had them customized by El Zach.
I can't see anything wrong with the frame but to be on the safe side I rate them 9,5/10.

Plates were done in red & blacks with a distress pattern . Frames were done with similar kind of pattern, but including a little bit more black.

They have brand new custom cut (by Chris Hardaway) Prizm ruby lenses.

Includes elite bag (9/10) and elite box. The wooden box has some marks and the filling fromt he cardbox top has stuck to top of the wooden box. I did not try to clean the wooden box and it's possible cleaning will leave some mark to the top. So maybe 7/10 is a fair grade to the box

Price 600€. Shipping from EU (Finland). Shipping costs will be added to price.
Buyer pays the Paypal fee when paid with good and services.

Please ask for more info if needed.







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Cool custom, GLWS!
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Some people reacted to this post.